When we use a water jet to cut granite


Sasha and are sure to hear about and want to show you what circumstances water jets and water-jet softly and come check this out. So here we had a project where this is a leftover remnant, a blade has to cut past the line because its circular blade has to come past the line in order to get the full depth here. So one circumstance in which we have to use a water jet is when we need to use this side for the client. We can’t tolerate such a row cut like this in the stone so the blade would stop here and then it would water jet the last dimensions. Now when we switch between a blade and water jet cut is different the cuts are no longer the same we’ve got different tools were using for the cut see what water-jet it looks like. Here we had a blade go here and then you can see the blades stop right here and then this cut is much more rough that’s really interesting why this is more rough when cutting through such thick material the water to attempt to play her out. It wears out that costs the difference in the thickness overall and when that switch over hers, there’s also a difference for where the water jet picks up they’re at the Blaine is a different thickness than the water-jet lineman.

Outside this piece here was the mail cycle your pussy and we put a piece of tape here so you can actually see the difference in the line. So this is the way this is the blade and then you can see the water jet cuts here and it’s off by a bit. Here this is parallel to the tape and it’s still parallel to the tape but there’s a gap there. Now what do we do about this gap? Well we usually don’t do anything about this gap because the only time you see this gap is on unpolished surface, unpolished where there’s an appliance there we’re at the top mount sinks. For an exam or a top mount would turn out of wood but anything basically that’s going to cover up the holes so this leads to shop. This way installers on site for whatever reason this ground down straighten them out and make it with the water-jet installers. Will the site is somewhat rare? Actually you have to touch this on college usually a client cover it up yeah still have a all time.


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