When To Use Saw Cuts Seams Instead of Euroseams


Hi my name is Jeremy and working Batman granite and stone fabrication supervisor. Here today I want to talk to you about your OCS vs socket seems. You’ve probably seen in our earlier videos why we use your scenes. Fairly often but there are certain set of circumstances in which a gyro scene doesn’t quite work in that situation. Jeremy in what circumstances would you want to use a saw cut scene instead of your business? OK there’s a couple different circumstances, one we want to use a soft cut scene when in front of a sink or going straight down the centre of the same. What happens is on certain customers cabinet ones maybe that run is too long to actually fit on the slab so we’d like to see my sink the reason why we see with the same it’s going to be the smallest actual scene that we can put in instead of saying seam on the right or left and you’re saying which will create a 25 and a half inch or so I’ve seen you like to see me break down the centre which creates a four to four and a half inch seam vs that long situated in them is an island. SE customer has a full slab island so what we’d like to do is maybe there’s stains maybe it’s a particularly fragile stone.

We’ve run into in the past of technical fitment issues using euro seems such a long stretch so we like to keep that simple using a soft that scene where no ago by using a stock that seemed will know it will achieve a perfect fit from three feet always of six seven-foot. See if needed does it matter which material you’re using whether you decide to use a gyro seen or six traits all cut size? Absolutely material plays a big factor in whether or not our fabricators choose to use the euro seen or socket see generally on a more fragile stone we use we leave it up to the experience fabricators to make a judgement call. What happens with the fragile stone is our water jet comes through and tends to chip or go out on a curve yo SI vs just having that sock not seen drop down and run the entire length got it so if a material tends to chip more or you see other structural integrity problem with the material. You will not use your esteem is that correct? That is correct, yeah if there is if it’s a fragile stone you have to look at this way if it’s a fragile stone basically and we’re doing euro seen it has to go to machines which increases moving time which increases the liability of just transportation shipping. During transportation are versus something that can be done directly on the fusion with safe comes off this off that machine and it’s done.

Guys you’re talking about like a human error in damaging the piece of its a fragile stone what about the subject itself does it impact a certain materials differently than the Hollywood? Absolutely if you’re using a more delicate stone the saw what we actually we have multiple different blades so you’re using a really fragile stone such as maybe a Marble or something with a lot. I got it, we would actually switch to a marble late something specifically used to cut this stone that we were using the exactly in running one straight software through as opposed to dropping the water jet down which can cause all this is chipping and blowouts got right. Jeremy, suppose we have a really long section 250 inches more than 12 feet long it’s kind of seeking the button to an apple what kind of scenes which you use them? So I would use the same seat we like to keep all of our seems matching you don’t want to straight soft cut scene and your day going straight through your kitchen sink and then we moved to a gyro seen half way down to our own insula or that they’ll run that maybe heads back into your stove.

We like to keep everything uniform and using the same seems throughout your entire kitchen so you think you would look funny. We did a straight saw cut through sink or through an appliance but then use a gyro seen next to that someone exactly yeah so you’ll be able to see the scene in the centre of sync and then maybe 4 feet down to the right you can see this girl which is completely different see so we like to keep like I said earlier we like to keep all of.


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