What happens when Godzilla flips your granite container


We are in a jumbled mess so we’re trying to separate the ones that are good from bad so that power is good. These two pallets are bad and just about everything on top here. When we shake it, we can hear pieces moving around in there. We’re going to open up this crate to see if things are broken here. In the back of the container you can see the slides have fallen apart there in pieces. These are stone slabs and that would that dense on the concrete match the shape of the wood so i’m guessing these dents in the container fresh in this. Container was toppled over at some point, well I’ll make some more videos we unload this container. All right, so these things you’re good those are broken, all right look at this so you guys are offloading the broken ones into the van down. We got quite the stack to take to the dump OK and then we all the 3 cm stone in here.

Here’s our container number alright so thanks in here oh shit here we got the container so it looks like every single slab. Here is broken into bits and pieces and it’s fair to assume that all of these things are also Brooklyn. This is thousands and thousands of pounds of weight that’s crushing all these things. OK, all right all these slabs are just busted not really much usable inventory here yeah like this is the Chinese head saying this is what trying to give us alright so we’re trying to get this piece out of here on this container and daylight in here, so it’s a bit easier to see the mess. All right, so we got the inside of this container I’ve been importing stone for 10 years never seen anything like this both the left side and the right side of the container busted all the bracing isn’t just banked it’s been annihilated so there’s some heavy lumber in there as well as still holding the lumber together steals gone.

It’s in the midst of the stone somewhere and then on the right side there wasn’t even stone here, so it’s pretty clear this container rolls. Here’s the outside of the container here’s the left side so this is where most of the stones container number we had a really dangerous situation here were unsure how to download so a lot is going to topple over rooms break and then Wilson out right so we had these slides topple over or night you got a better view now the carnage here. So you can see the wood is the same shape of the container it’s pretty clear that this was one this impact is one cause damage to this container.


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