Troubleshooting the Titan


Show you how she diagnosed the occasional issues that pop up like the fusion. The issues that generally popup is low water or in this case on Yeltsin of acupressure get low vacuum as well, so again most alarms Locks key shop rain on this bar in a red banner. Biddle water or recycled water low you’re gonna have a filter problem so what’s happening is the water is being restricted it’s not coming through the tight end at the PSI recommended.

PSI are the familiar with anything so just like when the fusion we go over to this filter and make sure they’re filter still reading correctly and again that’s showing that the gauge here is showing something fairly close to the the outlet gauged on the bottom. Once you have that cleared out possibility would be this filter down here and that all you do is shut up he’s 21 on that side and then one on the right side as well and then you can actually just twist this off using this ranch and forced it all that filter out given a clean. Make sure when you put it back on the turn your water back on or you can not gonna have any water going to take it at all.

The other possibility for the lower back that maybe pop up every once in a while there’s really only one thing that would cause the docking to actually fall thin air out. If you see this why finding here there’s a full-time the end a culture here this will unscrew there’s actually a screen inside that you just pull out take over to your house blowout put it back in. Here what this is water coming directly from our recycled water so there can be some chunks of stuff that costs and basically comes through here and then head this way this screen is blocking the water that comes through into your vacuum lines so again if I love acupressure happened to come over to the office located on the right side of the tire, unscrew this, pull the screen out, clean the screen. Now put it back in its real impact on year’s gonna need a pair of adjustable rest to get that off alarm and it will seem low pressure to a spindle.

Now the spindle shows is running off of freshwater the basically what strain at the policy is recycled water she got these nozzles that’s crap shoot from the side and then you have to spend on that actually hold your tool that’s fresh water that comes out of that so you get that alarm when shows are recycled water which goes into are filled the other shows are freshwater. Make sure the fresh water is on really get that alarm ,now be a fair all of Europe possible alarms that may pop up.

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