Troubleshooting the Fusion


All rights of troubleshooting the fusion. Fusion, the relatively easy machines years so there’s only I would say probably 34 code that will be possible. You’re using it related to the podium and air pressure, water pressure knows what they’re going to pop up the post you’ll get an occasional one that will pop up that might be from programming air. Maybe you didn’t have your program are you slap Jaxx 00 point so then you know where you actually bring itself to those are having issues. Let me go over today is actual troubleshooting issues that pop up given water in the air so I don’t really like this one on the podium. Right now this one’s pretty common one cause we like to shut the compressor off when its not being used to assess house air pressure low now what that means is basically isn’t getting enough air pressure so what we need to do is go over to be released next year if the compressors off turn it on if it’s on and no reading this there might be a leak somewhere down the line which is a bigger issue getting up 210 220 PSI.

If you see this compressor, turn it back on when it says house air pressure but it’s actually talking about is the CNC cabinet and the CNC cabinet is right over. Here high precision that he has the intensifier pump that’s what gets the pressure or create your pressure to 60,000 psi to do all your thoughts of the water-jet things that diffusion uses or air pressure is that uses air pressure to manually lower and raise your arm so you’re saw it also use it to manually lower and raise the water in those are going to be located behind the grey box program. That’s all their pressure light that might come up occasionally is a recycled water alarm. Now it’s not on right now but basically what it will say is your press start and you’ll walk away and you’ll notice that the song was just keep running broken alarm. Alarm will save recycled water pressure low.

Now uses recycled water to cool the blade essay for us down and also to keep the pool so if that comes up basically what you need to do is go and make sure you have your water. We can actually walk over there and check that out so when you coming year again when you’re fusion is showing recycled water its most likely going to be doing this so right now that’s how you’re going to find it every morning. Switch over to auto not going to turn in baton and one other thing you might coming down here looks like to see almost 70 coming out so that the water filters still pretty good. If there’s a big difference between the inlet and the outlet that’s probably the fact that are recycled water filter is maybe a little clock big difference would be like if this is saying 80 and this is saying like a forty year then you know that it’s really quite really simple change. This just undo these faults your water off the bad how we have replacement back the bill will put a new back in but that back down in close these up turn your water back on.

At that point that your gauges will start reading pretty close to identical there’s always going to be a difference between your and let you out. Let’s check your filter and check their water system come back over the podium and you’ll see that this is highlighted red that’s where all of your alarms are going to be shown. Now typically what you would do is just set it reset alarm now since I don’t have the compressor back on this show up again typically you would hit reset alarm. It would go away and then it would stay away then that point you would hit your green button back on and you’re ready to run your cycle.

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