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You don’t walk through the leading out of the process of installation kits this may be like the spirit integration installation kits used to be made. Here there are so many small bands they got labelled what goes in them, where the access goes, where all the stuff that doesn’t fit in there been is unclear. We’ve been having some inventory management problems where we only find out last minute there were missing something nobody knows where to order and we had a lot of waiting and also just a lot of wasted motion energy and money and people running back and forth looking for stuff so clean it out and you can see the new installation section.

Here you got 65 bucks each we found that the stable I think it took hours probably $35 materials and you’re so each of the bands is really clearly label paper tankers bugle head screws bags and labels back screws sickness and an ascending blocks. I’ve got the quantity that needs to go into each so there’s six that goes into each installation kit. Disease are transparent you can hope, you can move around within usually see how many terrible here for an additional visual cue, also taped on one piece of each other face so absolutely everyone can see all the access so for example when we’re buying these big head screws are gonna be coming in quantities 3002 3001 near me to 515 their 2010 down low just keeping down here and then when it comes time to order in and got this QR-Code set up here so I’m just gonna open up my phone got the QR reader app on my phone setup.

I just bring it up here put the automatically recognises and it opens up a Google Doc they made that shows you how many you’re going to need each piece and then I explained what each piece is used for and links to where we can buy them online so nobody has to look for any other stuff I mean I can literally order more of these tapered acres on my phone and was gonna hit that link. You can open up my web browser and that’s it actually update that link I just changed that product this is from looks like I clicked on the link for screws updated but I just go to order here from iphone.

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