Training – Fastback – Operation


The first step to using the fastback is turning the power to the machine on. A fastback uses compressed air as well as water so you will also need to turn on your air compressor as well as your water pump. When you turn the water pump on you want to make sure that you flip the switch to auto. Now that you’ve got power water and air turned onto the machine time to power on them him start by turning the system on then pushing the start button on the menu after you powered up the machine. You’ll need to do a spindle warm up before you can run any pieces through spindle warm-up will go through ten cycles without doing all ten cycles the machine will not run a peace through. Now that the machine is warmed up and ready to go we’re going to place a piece on place the piece on the sliders with the face out which means the Polish side out towards the front of the machine slide it down your sliders to the front of the machine.

Next you’ll have to gauge your piece using the caliper you want to gauge how thick your pieces then using the caliper transferred to the machine to the proper thickness. As you see we are close to the caliper depth on the machines setting now that the machine is set up we’re gonna start it start by going into the auto setting then brings up the home screen. You will hit cycle start to turn the machine on then you will also need to turn the water on both knobs must be on the fast track to work properly then slide your PC into the bell making sure its bench tight between the belt and the gauge wheel. Once the pieces on you must make sure the machine has read engaged each piece full flights must be on to work properly want your piece gets to the end give it a quick Q&A quality assurance to make sure the machine is done what it was supposed to do. If not you may have to run it through a second time Ramon now is checking to make sure the pace was polished as well as they top and bottom level were done correctly and evenly. Now he will remove his piece which would then be ready to go onto a table for finishing fast.

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