Titan Loading


This video is about a loading the tapes are tightened as our CNC router as five different ages eased Meo dream and so involve and it does both of our core holes for the vessel and for the faucet need to turn on. You need to break iran says location of it near the air compressor on the water pump on without those it will not run by the user interface starts at the main screen to calibrate the laser. You need to use the setup screen changed tooling, you need to use the setup screen for to library to run a program used the g-code process screen. When you’re warming it up you want to go into the details screen, find the special functions blue button in the middle of screen click on that and like Splendorous takes roughly five to 10 minutes it’s necessary for the machine to warm up and run sometimes the program before while perhaps the Corbett in it the spindle warm-up needs the Corbett to run so it can because it’s a high rpm tool. When you go into the setup screen you’ll find to library in the top left click on that will bring you this window it should say number one or new tool for us, get new tool change out for a year will bring it over and then you can go back and reread them to warm up everything will run fine.

When you’re calibrating earlier you’re looking for four different calibration dots the location of them the laser must hit all four locations properly. Laser doesn’t hit number three but he saw his number two it needs to be watched all of them vacuum pods are supports that hold the piece down so it doesn’t move around and mess up the edge. These can hold it down to the point where a person can move it or they can float the idea that where you can use your pinky and spend it. These need to be matched up so they don’t get hit by the pod or by the 2012 so they don’t get messed up, they are expensive matching apiece first thing you want to do is calibrated since the Stone first but the piece on take the caliper put it on turned off clamped down and turn it on the counter often closing that you’re finished. The easiest way to do it instead of messing around if it might have had a slight bit open when you first start power, when you load it first thing you wanna do is set the front of the top down stand behind it and slowly let it down to the pods once there’s light on so that the lasers match their gonna have roughly 316 of room around the sink out but the back corners celebrate properly will match up perfect this topic. We’re doing has the pencil edge on the front with the sink so that’s why there is a slight difference in the front edge the stone supports always use them on think runs or pieces where there’s a pencil edge on the front for instance.

This stone and the sinks being polished the biggest too and we had this Demi bono’s think supports the stone towards are a must for any topic it’s demi on the front checking the vacuum if vacuum does not have the light on the local number within the vacuum is not adequate enough to run it needs to have this light on the light turns on about negative 489 anything lower than that for instance. They get a 455 is a bigger vacuum but it’s a lower number its negative anything below 480 is good run block assists. This will show you by clicking on the numbers what tools do what and where you can select tooling from there if you stopped midway through you can start back up there. You know how to run all of the program just to get back to the spot you’re at when unloading the Titan pressman vacuum same way you apply it because it’s not gonna movable unless you do. You follow the same steps during the peace just in reverse not just as a process not to break the peace this is our finished piece in the showroom between the bathrooms.


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