Tek Bathroom Cabinets Explained


The folks this is that new a slight advantage that we have also must convey your older call tech cabinets with attack make our top of the cabinet handles are sold separately. What makes the second beer hall is that there are three sizes carcasses At well indeed he 24dash car s and we come by a different carcasses four different sizes cabinets so for example if you’re doing a 48-inch carcass you can do 224 anche carcasses or you can do I 2 18’s with the 12 in the middle. Send it to how big or small your drawers and shelves are each carcass has for firms 1234 each compartment. You wanna a few different things you guys have a face panel that covers it up it can be oh and you can be shell India shelves at door already can be drawer so we can use many jurors future as you like and the doors come in different sizes as well so we have a three-quarter door because three out of the four sections more we can have a half door.

She had a farm Tahoe for Shell however you like fear copycats come in three colours way brown and black got something like twenty different cars a counter top choose from hand-off and internet reading vessel sinks. All we can do under-mount sinks whatever you like these are very very configurable vanities witching sign in to your price point work your test so we can have a cabinet with very few chores mostly Shaw’s that’s going to really inexpensive you a lot of storage. I have also risen as maybe a precedent.


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