Solid Stone Shower Basins in Denver


Yeah, I’m extremely proud to announce our newest product is the solid stone shower basin. As products been in development for a while this is something that used to only appear and multi-million dollar homes and now we’ve made available to all of you. Our customers you’re a few really big advantages of using this. The first is design, you can see all the movement in the stone opposed to having tile breaking it up. The second big advantage is having no grout lines that makes it so much easier to clean. The third advantage is that it can be curve-less or curved up to you but if you want a really modern sleep look or a functionality where you can roll the wheel chair right into the shower you can be curve-less and the fourth big advantage of this is very DIY friend.

Watch your installation video we walk you through from start to finish how to install a solid stone shower basin as always with shower floors of the main concern is quality we wanted to be slope to the drain just perfectly so no puddles on the shower floor we want it smooth so that it’s comfortable for our feet but at the same time we can have it be slippery so you’ll be really pleased to hear that these are precision machine cut. They’re perfectly slope to the drain and if you come to our showroom and test this out you’ll feel very fine texture here. If you look really closely you’ll see very smooth consistent swirl marks and very very light scalloping so that it’s not slippery. This is a fully custom product available in any dimension that you need will position the drain hole where ever you need. You’ve got lots of options for colours at least 30 of our in-stock stone colours are available and if you need a special order stone just let us know we can do them in a rectangular shaped like the shower tray. We can do a round shape or we can do a new angle shape you just let us know what you need and we’ll get it done.

Sold on a per-square-foot basis starting well under a thousand dollars and we offer installation service you can order will fabricate it to your dimensions and you can pick it up or you can have us go to your home and measure fabricated and you can pick it up or we can measure it your home laser pressure fabricate and we install.

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