Simple Fusion Programming Slide Show


Hello in this video we are going to be doing a basic counter-top programming starting with the product ticket. We’re doing a 36 inch titanium black top with a large oval and a pencil edge along the front. First thing we want to do is open house a cam and since the peace were using today is already 22 inches deep which is our standard counter-top depth we can start with pressing are for rectangle at the Byron screen it’ll give you a dialogue screen reping enter in we want our first corner to start at the origin which is 00 Centre twice. We want the thirty-six along the x 22 on the why this will be our finished size of our character if we go back to the ticket which will be a hard copy we want the same 19 in three quarters from the left side and it’s a large over with one possible so we can come in and press 004 offset 1997 five inches like the line click.

Ok so like the left side and drag it over since a large oval the offset for it from the front Sport inches 40 again for offset so I for dinner and so like the back of and bring it back. When finding the sink click on home of the top last insert the same K templates are on the desktop and file structure under sink templates. We want a large oval with one hole click that and bring it in the shortcut to move it is am I right clicked selected you want to turn snaps on and stepped to the front because of the snaps it will automatically go there a shortcut to get it to this intersection is F9 and you click on both lines to delete the unneeded lines because their construction mind chris d click on them both right click and located. Now that we have our top setup we can set up to be cut to start out click my per configuration click on number one which diffusion to be cutting it out then scroll down and click on it and we can start by clicking auto talks which will give us the thickness meter a tolerance and all of these check marks for it does stay the same.

You want to click on the sink and the outside and right click to apply the tool that’s because this piece is already 22 inches deep and just longer than 36. We can click Delete all paths and Julie these three sides because we don’t want to take off where charges he wrote up and we just want to bring it down to 36 because this is all water drip. It is going to peers right here you don’t want to pierce their because it can block the stone so you come up and click on modify lead-in and lead-out click anywhere on the circle that automatically lights up. Click drag and double-click this is going to change the peers to the centre of this circle and the outer green circle is the the warning area from the blowout possibilities. This will make the top athlete in do it and when it comes back around it’ll come back out. Now that we have this entire top down we can go in we can save it and send the end of the program to machine by clicking Send g-code. The machine will pop up the save window and you wanna go to file structure programmed can find today’s date should be last name stone colour and interests. When you hit save it will pop up a dialog window showing where it is going to be sent to click OK and it pops up PDF with the name the machine and the approximate time it’s gonna take for the stop to be cut out and ready to be put on the fusion.

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