Setting Up Vacuum Pods


So you come over to console in previous videos, you see how to actually get to this man program screen. What we’re gonna show you today is actually how to set up the vacuum parts for the kitchen. So when you come over here and load up this main screen it’s gonna look like this. You’re gonna go laser projector and then hit back pods is actually shooting the geometry to bring over a large so gas because all these lasers on the road in a medium rectangle all lined up here and here you can do that and all these other one. This is gonna be back in line sexually go into depending on where you’re airlines are coming from whether it going from the right side of the left side of the table, where you want to have those facing so some people like to have a basic inside and have all the cords wrapped up in here.

Some people are facing outside like this and have the cords go down on the front table and it for this does it really matter facing the front table the other backup set up on a table. We have multiple different sizes this one in particular is really important to see that the top of it doesn’t have this nice kind of flexible gas get around it that this kind of stiff rubber gasket. This one isn’t meant to halt the peace down its were meant to support so sometimes you’re going through an airline in these and you won’t. You’ll turn your back on and you won’t need any and pressure so we like to use these as support and we don’t look any airlines up to these one but you can see for the support one that seemed like basically the intersection here that applies to all the same thing. You just don’t want line those up with these ports are these groups right here you can see that the one over next to it is this one here to the more low profile want this is actually going to be on the back of the same part that the wall is going to guess so go back home in one piece docking system on the right.

All of these line ourselves set up the machine good thing to know if you have a new one across the table that we can reach them over here and you’re left and right time down here these are all the fittings again when your valve is actually pointed towards your line that’s on. When your valid point away from Line that’s all the red is gonna be for the bottom feeding that’s so it actually sucked down to table. The blue is going to be freer top and that’s what makes your actual kitchen counter-top. Andy and sucks it to the that so let’s use the ones that we have already spread out on the table here and we’ll go over the first one.

Now this you’ll get used to it but when you push it and you’ll feel that there’s a point where it actually clicks and what I like to do is grab it and just turn it a little bit and you’ll feel that and then just pull on it and make sure it doesn’t want to come out with your blue so always remember red is on the bottom. Who is on top just remember the blue sky fittings make sure that all the ones who actually put into your back cards are on them. All these once again they’re pointing towards the hoses those off we’re not using needs they need to be offer we will not gain suction.

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