Sealing a Solid Marble Shower Floor


All right, we’ve got one of our new shower trays ready to go solid stone shower base. You don’t have any grout lines and I’m going to show you what we do to finish them. So you can see this is polished and this is ground down right here. It’s really almost like a fine grit sandpaper so it’s not slippery. Now, we use a product there’s different brands of it is called stone shield colour an answer and sealer 10x ager makes this product and what this product is going to do. It’s going to seal the surface as well as bring out the dark colours going to make it look like. It’s wet and go ahead and apply some of this so we can see what it looks like so it’s like a spray-on spray off good wipe it across. It doesn’t take a lot of the black becomes darker. Yeah so this does two things, it seals as a pretty topical surface sealer it’s not as effective as a product like hydrogen so for a marble shower we’re going to recommend Hydra shield. We’re professional comes to your house they seal it and they’re going to warranty this when your ceiling just about anything. You’re going to make sure that you use cleaning agents that aren’t too acidic or are two basic so the sealer last through.

The common question we get is, how often do I need to reseal? Well that depends entirely on how your cleaning, if you’re using some embrace of chemicals to clean it you’re going to be resealing with a year whatever year and a half if you’re using some stuff that was really intended for counter-tops you may see once never have to steal again so you see the left side Daniel has colouring hands is applied the colour answer and you can see how much darker and more vivid the blacks are will probably go over this one more time give it a second coat because of how absorbent this material is and that’s that.

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