OK, this video is for the Titan programming. This is supplemental for the vacuum parts that we have and how to set them up this file shows which parts we have and how many we have. When you go into the top 10 in alpha cam be tabled temple it will have all of these high temperatures in there and this corresponds to the ones we have so there’s no confusions when saying the parties are they must have the laser inside the trenches and the lines must be read on the bottom and blue on top of the red line is a suction only line whereas the blue line is for the section or the flow creature. The knobs where the lines plugin if they are perpendicular to the line or crossing it they are off if they are in line with it as on the left their own when you use the vacuum only when you plug the right into the product will sort of snap into fitting it’s an acquired feel from experience.

They just sort of poppers snap into place and once the line isn’t certain gently pull out on the orange spacer this pushes in when the lines slides in generally pullback but if it doesn’t pull back it will lose suction so it needs to be pulled out there need to be verified that they are pulled out if the vacuum as low that is when you check to make sure that they are plugged in properly. When lining up for top always make sure that the stone has about two creases of your longest finger away from the nearest pod is just to be safe so it doesn’t hit and strip odd can mess up to tooling. It can mess up alot more than just the pilot of stone and it’s safer in the long run if they don’t get hit.


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