Operating the Pendent


I am going to explain the fact that the Pentecostal allows you to this thing manual move it away from you down the table while we’re down you’ll need to use it for a couple of things. Once you start learning how to bid he’ll come and simple replacement of the place or track behind all these machines going at X Y and Z axis. Why the across the table earlier side closest I thought the front of the table at the back of the table x-axis indeed up and down the light is. I wrote on here I just show you that acts against everything I just explained brought back by side to side and then the up and down all of those translate over to the pendant couple things on the pendant that you’ll need to know.

This emergency stop you press this that will stop any action that’s going on oh shut the machine off completely don’t need to worry about these volunteer in sports they they’re not used with the the fusion. This right here is your dial that switches between all of your different axes. This is an engagement and you’ll feel it actually has a look like to it. You will not be able to move the machine unless you have pressed against that and then this is your wheel to move it negative or positive so if you ever want to replace the blade what you gonna want to go to why are you gonna 105 your thumb rest back up to if one of two and after reboot this thing at increments after one is going to move it. The slowest now actually moving right now but you can’t even really tell them to will be a lot faster at three that’s why maybe you want to bring up the table a little bit more switch this to axe.

There’s nothing so I’m not worried about speed necessarily so I’m just going to rate the three back to why this thing a little bit closer and then you’re seeing is the last one now get for all of this. I’ve never released my thumb off this pendant she is going to be the issue is easy as it always was the same as the weather. If you press f1 have two or three at always gotta move pretty much the same you can see right now lowering the Z that’s negative raising. The Z raising the arbour that positive and these are just some you’re going to a play around with you get used to it right about here a good position to replace the blame.


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