Marble Looking Quartz – How’s the Quality?


A lot of times people ask us, is one material better quality than another? They’re all about the same in terms of quality we come all the different brands here all day long and really don’t notice much for any difference at all but there is one important difference in this is holy grail. When it comes to ports, the people want to make marble super popular why Marble is timeless and its beauty but Marble has poor characteristics for countertops it’s staying these years scratches easier so a lot of course manufacturers are trying to make marble looking ports and they’re doing a pretty darn good job and this is the one time where we do notice differences in quality so left I have we won’t mention which brand of quartz but we’ve got one brand of course to the left here and on the right we have another brand of chords. It’s just a remnant where this is a finished job for a client and notice none of the veins penetrate all the way through so if you research how courts is made it’s a bit like that but it’s almost like a baking product. They’ve got a cookie cutter sheet, they mix in all sorts of stuff, they vibrated a little bit to get the bubbles out and when they have this kind of unique flow going through it challenges it’s either all the top roll at the bottom.

One manufacturer is doing a really good job with this and this is Cambria. So notice with Cambria, the veins go all the way through just like they do on natural stuff with marble. It goes all the way through whereas with this material notice none of them go all the way through and it becomes particularly noticeable around the sink that none of the veins go down to the bottom near the top here all the way through.

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