Maintenance – Fusion – Refilling the Garnet Hopper


We’re going at home the harm fourth quarter turn it is once used to resentful played here overnight just screen access kind of a a barrier the particles to fall through the hole that guard it. Actually comes out of Honor water jet is like the size of a grain of sand. You can see that this stuff is just super small but we’re going to watch the UAE is this. Right now as I said, they’re going through it you’ll know that because the plungers I can actually push the plunger down so this whole tank right now it’s pressurise 495 do is just down.

You know that your tank is now in you can take the song can be a pain sometimes the threat and on Twitter. Now that’s what I partially lift off we forget going to actually see that there’s something about you that actually hasn’t fallen into the locker I was just like fleshed out in a little bit so when this thing is full of air you actually pull the plunger up and it states and that’s what pressurised without your screen without the screen risk. Some cardboard calling in paper from your back calling in air getting a lot of the actual surface of your water jet stream back on now in this thing is actually empty why now are moderate pop up on your console and to your come over here and notice that is here as an orange light that will come on now. This is basically just setting when material as in front of it. In this case has garnered that would be in trouble so this light will turn on that will trigger your console for an alarm and will say I current offer great out that light is not on because the garden offer is to that point. If the ground offer was the guy who was below this that’s what my life would turn on video.

I know that I can impact so great here travel tonight along the bottom all costs typically like 75 percent to get this free to stop by any of this paper plastic. It is working morning here I succeeded like the finance speech saying you know very well I just a little bit off and again screen a system a little bit there that she has 7,000 going that’s good now taking three places make you fall. Come back over here and turn this on what your eyes because when you turn this on you get some time at that time. What’s your point is now being pressurised doing with their shopping actually do you think it is fully pressurised go-ahead three-run sits on here nothing special the white presumably to know about them.

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