Limitations of Color Matching Granite Slabs


Hey there, this is Sasha with bath and granite want to do a postmortem on a kitchen project. We have a customer that shows river board own fortunately isn’t quite happy with them so we did a bit of a postmortem on our end because of the equipment we have. We can do some unique stuff that most stone fabricators in Denver cannot do and this can turn this one of a formal review on our end to make sure that we did what should have been done so this is what the customers project looks like and this customer is not happy with how this colour matching turned out.

So here’s the seam is right around here, now this is some of a pixelated view but you can see it’s a little bit darker here than it is down here what we’ve done is we matched up these veins and do our best to colour match here. Here’s a more zoomed in view a little bit less pixelated you can see this is certainly darker and this is certainly a lighter but these areas match up and it remotely matches up so let’s look at the slabs before they got fabricated. This was slab one and this is slab now the peace and question is this one right here you can see it takes up almost the entire length of the slab so it can’t be rotated 90 degrees. It can only be shifted up and down the slab. This colour of stone River Bordeaux is an in-stock stone for us that means we buy the bundle from a distributor or directly from a quarry and the slabs are sequential so this slab once I was directly after the next slab in the same bundle of slabs.

These weren’t from separate colour lots or in our business bundles this is the closest one slap can be to another day. They came out of the same block so let’s talk about what are the possibilities in this case our client suggested? Well hey this is darker and why not rotate this piece a hundred eighty degrees so the dark side matches up with the dark side and again we’re really proud to have this equipment so we can actually see what it looks like and this is what it would look like if we just rotated that piece of hundred eighty degrees unfortunately nothing matches up at that point and while the seam is quite obvious here it becomes even more obvious with this setup here. So this is one of those scenarios where it doesn’t look great it can the way it’s set up now it just doesn’t look great.

We understand why the customers are satisfied with it but this is also demonstrates the limitations of what a stone fabricator can do with a natural stone that has so much colour movement in it. We are limited and this is really one of the best advantages of course is the consistency and the colour again courts also isn’t perfect but it’s a bit more manageable than this is for a design element. If there’s your designers out there how would you prevent this from happening if you had a rustic home and you wanted to have this kind of stone in it? You need to break it up a bit in the cabinet design so you would put an appliance here not in the island which may sometimes break up the triangle so not best practice for kitchen layout design but ideal for stone matching sometimes they’ll break it up in a few different ways pantries linen cabinet but in this case the easiest way to have done it would have been to put an appliance here or reconfigure entirely but all that work. That design is heavy and sometimes not the optimal look for the kitchen either so we’re kinda torn as to what we can do from a design perspective for a kitchen layout like this where there’s a lot of big long sections.

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