JK semi custom bathroom cabinets in Denver Colorado


Right here behind me are the Jacobin. These are new line of Andy’s for back and grand. They’re super versatile a little bit higher and semi-custom style cabin with the JK vanities. There’s more options for above counter top stories like this cabinet here. There’s linen cabinet options with drawers you’re going to see to kick quote molding wall describe more of a built-in cabinets tile not a furniture style that you see with the monikers and conifer baggies, also a little bit higher end everything on these is soft close the standard not an upgrade finishing. They have a couple extra steps of finishing that you wouldn’t find with the monikers of the conference was more color consistency in the paint.

The JK manatees come in a variety of sizes, love more sizes than any other vanity line that we carry. The cabinet’s started in a 9-inch with then they go up every three inch increment up to 24 inches you can get a 24-inch bank of drawers where you can get a 12 inch or 15 inch bank of drawers or even a 27-inch bank of drawers and as well as the door cabinet. So a cabinet with just a door like a sink base if you will for a door and a drawer. All the way from nine inches all the way up to 24 inches they come in 10 different colors to wall the colors on the wall behind me as well as this style right here as always.

We fabricate countertops here got something like forty different in stock stone options and if one of those 40 doesn’t work then we’ve got about a thousand other color options that we can special order for you. For camera all of the JK man these are made of maple they’re going to be one step higher terms of quality than something like the monitor conifer as well as higher price. When I mentioned earlier that soft close the standard that’s one example quality this manufacturer also has an additional two or three steps in the finishing you’re going to see. The color consistency stronger better color consistency also a more resilient finish the lead time on these cabinets two to four weeks with some of them.

Here average about three weeks these get installed by customers but we can also install them there’s an installation service there’s a five-hundred-dollar minimum and we have a pressure on this web page to show the installation pricing now because this is a built in style and not a furniture style. The enemy like the monitors the installer instead attach the token, there is a little bit more in depth to the installation of this cabinet there and there is a furniture style cabinet like the monitors so you want to make sure you’re aware of that for you.


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