Intensifier Pump Walkthrough


Yes I’d up to the start big electric motor generates 50 horsepower, we also keep our kind of secondary tools and manuals down here that are needed for the future and of intense firefight rebuilt in case I thought so when you turn on the identity operations actually make a water depth on returns. This machine on turning that overruns pressure for your intense fire, now what this does it actually has two tested can hear one going this way and one going this way. That action rate there is what creates your 60,000 psi so you’re hearing that things actually cutting that this is going to be making some noise in the background. You can actually hear it going back and forth when is going back and forth it’s actually running these lights will be switching red green and kind of a general check every couple weeks come over here when it’s running open the hood up and just feel these fittings.

Here is what happens to these videos are getting basically water is not sorry if the video is not seal type water could actually be leaking out because there’s so much pressure here will actually turn these pretty hot so if you’re too hot to touch you know that you might have a leak going on in any one of these findings here and also if you see water sitting on top of this not so you know you have a lead this well because you’ll notice coming out of any meetings. I showed you the CNC alarm that was pulled up the scenes, the house alarms and that’s going to be related to this so when your compressor is on all of these pages will be pressurise. Right now you can sit there still pressure in the game a little pressure coming in from a change when it’s up to 60,000 psi you’ll actually see that gay jury reached 60.

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