How to Use the Vacuum Lift


Alright today we’re going to have shop located rain here history. Over here, we have this built from flat to vertical something out of my friends were obviously gonna be relocating its 90 degrees and you can see it kind it’s not as offensive side it’s max did so again over to the a friend as much as possible doesn’t need to be are kind of like a Las Vegas-based stone so just till back to zero until there plus they go. That’s good enough those off right now you can see that they’re actually in line with the host that’s means they’re on when you turn it that way. That’s all no clothes going to those vacuum pogs you don’t want shut these off for you actually go in with you slap you. Don’t shut off you’ll never really game pressure gauge down here will never come out each one of these pods to 500 pounds two thousand pounds total much more then ever lift typically are slabs ranging from 800 to 1,200 pounds acts so make sure these two and the actual cause you’re using to lift our on.

You can see down there that wanna right in line with the host that need to talk over here on the left in live in the host so then we come back to the panel and you think you’re really gonna need to worry about. Here is a pressure valve and then your release rate now this was used to put something on the fusion so it’s actually all the way off and got this safety feature to actually make so that’s the reason why you guys so when you move around you can actually accidentally knocked this release. A slab will fall so come over to this make sure that is down. Make sure the pan is secured in front of it that way can’t slide up and then open your pressure valve. Now you’ll hear all the effort to see that the game is actually know what’s happening as Utah member.

You’re always wrong side out to put on using we can pick these up to the policy side facing off when we’re working every day something on this season. It’s always hard rough side slowed down quite a bit slowly creeping up the green it never actually guys really into the green and I think that’s mostly due to the pressure we have something like two hundred FBI stepped in to get a green but as long as you’re actually paid for the green you can lift up to fifteen eighteen hundred pounds. No problem but that’s just a minute or so go ahead and come over grabbed it. Now the whole thing make sure you aren’t you car need you bottle and I always liked when you go to YouTube. This the sea overthrew call hopefully won’t be too much pressure 22 and then I can go ahead your blog you want to eat why do you over here pressure dropped.

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