How to Install Solid Granite Shower Base


We fabricated this beautiful titanium black solid granite shower base and in this video we’re going to show you how to install it? Hey guys, how heavy is this piece? About a hundred fifty two hundred pounds. Two-man job? Yes, installing a solid stone shower base here because this is a natural stone not a court. We’ve sealed the stone on both sides the top and the bottom and just in case if the water still permeates through the stone going to be adhering a waterproofing fabric on top of this OS be so that if the water penetrates through it’s going to go on top of the fabric and into the weep holes. That are going to be on the upper half of the drain and that water will have some we’re still to go but this is the when you’re starting off with this project. This is the state that you wanted to be in before you measure so once the bottom of the dream screwed in then you can measure the length, the width and the centre location of the drain.

Maybe you need to be very precise with the centre location of the drill. Ideally we’ve got some drywall or some cement already on the wall when we started but we can work around. Alright, so we’ve got our modified thin-set on here with the waterproofing fabric that we’re using. It requires modified things that you use non-modified visit it will not adhere going to get them nice and tight. This is a lot of losing fabrics we definitely don’t want penetrating careful walking out there using tools. Now we’re ready to puncture, open the drain hole cut a slit using a razor blade here and we’re cutting it up so that we can get the top half of the drain in and so we can access the bolt folds. We’ve got the hole open are going to cut little slits just for the bolt holes perfect.

Right now we’re ready to get the top half of the drain on route 8 never ready to tighten these bolts alright so we’ve got ourselves some wood shims that are flush with the top of these bolts so that there’s something rigid for the shower pan and set on the rest of this gap. We’re going to be filling with inset so we want this to be perfectly level because the shower pan is already precision milled to drain to the centre. The only way you can really screw this up as if we set it down out of level and the water warm drink correctly. Alright so we’ve got everything set up here we better wood shims, we’ve got a bunch of thin-set got a few blobs for it to spread out after, we put the weight of the shower pan and we’ve got the shower pattern here. So we’re going to figure out how to safely tip it into this area level it off and will be just about done. Yeah, okay so we got this in place we got the drain mostly three and keep and then we’ve got a level across the top to make sure that everything is nice and level looks just about during friend. That’s how we installed this beautiful titanium black granite shower base. For more information and pricing go to Bath&

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