How To Install Granite Tile Countertop (6 of 6) – Filling the Joints


I folks yesterday we finished up the counter-tops we got all the joints film we’ve left a little portion of each part of the top to show you how to fill the joints were feeling the joints in four different ways. We’re going to use a polyester glue and one of them aka epoxy, we’re going to use call in another join. We’re going to use a san Luis crowd with sixteenth of an inch join and they’re going to use families grow where the tiles are but it together and show you how that looks. So, now we’re gonna makes our ground is pretty similar to mixing your 10 say only less is more better to mix too little and make a little more than mix too much and have to waste a lot this one. Unlike the drill, will just mix it by hand because you’re mixing so little at a time it makes it a lot easier Canada we’ve got our ground mixed we’re gonna play it to our joint. Very simple process just use your grout float to smooth over the top of the joint and packet.

In there you don’t want to just get just a little you want to make sure you get enough that it goes down inside the joint as far as possible after you pack to join with ground you’re gonna have to take a break and let it dry before you wash it off. If you wash it off immediately it will sink and sank into the joints creating a bigger gap then like now. We’re gonna play grow to her but it tight joint so rather than having a sixteenth gap like we did on these this other growth during these tiles are but it really close together so we have a minimum joint so those are two different grout joints drought is the preferred method for lazy granite tile. It hides any imperfections of levelling, it’s easier to level out as well as it gets harder and is more impenetrable than other message there were in the cleanup stage of our growth joints. You gonna need your sponge again this time you in a little more wet than you would have used for your cock during a smooth around to help clean any great you have left on the surface off once again you want to use a perpendicular motion to your joint so you don’t gallard or scrape any of your grout out.

This is going to produce your highest level grout line when she cleaned all the excess tramadol than just moved over your joining. You wanna come back quick clean sponge just barely damn to clean any film that you have left on there once it dries. It will change the colour with this next method we’re going to use. Cocking many people would ask about silicon. Silicon is clear whereas cocking you can get a coloured to match her stone as well as talking is a water clean up making it a lot less messy where the silicone might get all over and you might get it on your clothes or something that you can never get it out of you don’t wanna just pocket across the surface. You wanna make sure you don’t nice and slow so that the car has time to fill the gap on a stick your finger down in it was then you hit that say inside of your going you wanna keep as much of it above the join us possible to scrape it flush with your tile. I’m gonna use Obando scraper you can use anything with a flat rate surface. Now for the cleanup stage of your cock 31 a wet sponge but not dripping wet when you like you wanna go perpendicular to your joy this is gonna keep your sponge from digging the cocking out of the joy.

This is our last method it’s an epoxy join with tiles but it taped together this is gonna be the most complicated as well as messy in requiring the most skill or experience to get this done. We’re going to do is start with our epoxy I’ve mixed a brown epoxy to match our antique brown lazy granite what you do is first you take a little bit of the park Si and the little bit of harder if it’s colder you may need a little bit more hardener and mix it thoroughly make sure it’s thoroughly mixed otherwise it won’t dry properly and you’ll get soft spots after you mixture epoxy and your partner and you’ve been 100% thoroughly mixed gonna take just a little bit on your sister device and spread it with a razor blade that concludes our lazy granite installation from start to finish. You have any other questions please give us a call we look forward to hearing from you right folks that concludes the lazy granite kitchen counter-top installation hopefully have a pretty good idea of what it entails and see that it’s really not rocket science for most of our customers.

This is a weekend project you have any questions at all feel free to email us or call us or chat with us on our website will do our best to answer all of your questions or FAQ’s have a lot of content on their video content pictures diagrams everything that you gonna need to install your kitchen counter-top. Now, since you’ve been so patient and watch this entire video I’m gonna show you one last bonus to with some colours like antique brown here behind me we’ll use permanent markers to touch up the seams ever so slightly to hide that it’s a straight line and you’d be amazed how far that can go with just a sharpie.

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