How To Install Granite Tile Countertop (5 of 6) – How to Use Self-Leveling Spacers


For this project were using the self-levelling spacers. Now these are brilliant they make any DIY or look like an expert. They slip in underneath the tile here and in the wedge goes in through the top and it levels off the two tiles that we don’t have any leverage. If you look here I’m gonna slide this scraper across the top. We don’t have any lipids they’re very little slippage that when you slide a plate or a glass across it should be nice and flat. I’m gonna show you how these work with these two little cutoffs. We’ve got this piece that goes underneath and then we slipped the wedge in will make your job go much smoother and you have a better and product as a result of using news when you’re all done. When the mortar set your pool the wedge out and in this piece here the plastic piece that Spokeo off the top you just break it off with a mallet super easy right so we left one joint year with the space are still in it. I’m gonna break one of these out so you can see how it’s done perfect.

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