How To Install Granite Tile Countertop (3 of 6) – Preparing Your Surface


Before we can start feeling lazy granite we need to talk about the underpayment. In this set up we’re using three quarter inch OSB and waterproofing membrane called program at the reason we need to use the program at first is then set will not adhered to as be so that I won’t stick then that will adhere to the program out quite well. Second reason is waterproofing mildew resistance, if moisture will penetrate the stone which inevitably it will at some point if it were to soak into the wood the word may expand and crack your counter-top also can elect mildew faster in the counter-top so we always want to use a waterproofing now a lot of jobs are going to use half-inch OSB and quarter-inch cement board. The reason why we’re using three quarter inch OSB and the program at is because the three quarter inch USB is a little bit more stout and the program at leisure work with. We can cut it with scissors it’s really lightweight the way we installed the program at is we use the state for attaches and then we use some construction adhesive to glue.

The program at to the OSB now if this were a shower or something like that we of course wouldn’t want to make these kinds of penetrations into our water proofing but since this is a counter top 10 flooding it by any means. We’re okay having a couple penetrations and will cover these up with silicon. Anyways, just in case a question we often get is can I lately is a granite right over my old Formica top? The answer is yes absolutely. Can there’s a little bit of prep work that needs to be done? First we need to look at the backsplash laminate tops often have a one-piece splash type of integrated and they’re gonna have to cut that off so we have a nice flat surface to work with the entire depth of the counter-top, second thing that you’re going to do is cut the front edge off the overhang, your counter-top is probably twenty-five 25 and a half inches deep the lazy granite is intend to go over a 24 inch deep substrate so you’ll take that inch and a half off with a song. We do that as you take a circular saw said the blade depth to the height of the Formica marker line and ripped through it should be pretty straightforward.

Formica top is too tall for the bull-nose to conceal so I set down a second piece of OSB here to represent the thickness and you can see that we’ve got to conceal this down here so we do that is by taking in eighteen by 21 inch tile and cut it into 1 inch strips or whatever that site is so that you can conceal this lip now. It actually ends up looking quite beautiful you end up having this very rich looking piece of boulders from up here nobody’s ever gonna be able to see that those are two different pieces that strip underneath was cut from a second tile. The only way you’d see that is your underneath the counter-top looking up.

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