How To Install Granite Tile Countertop (2 of 6) – Tools Needed & How to Cut the Granite Tiles


I’ll talk about the tools you need lay some tile you don’t need a lot of tools. We got our mixer, the drill we’ve got a grout float for spreading the ground across the top got a nice big trial, a bucket to make sauerkraut and mortar in and then we’ve got some modified then set were using modified thinset because the program that requires it. Let’s talk about your most important tool the song there’s a lot of different ways you can cut through lazy granite, easiest most crude method would be a circular saw with a masonry blade on it. A lot of folks have smaller tile saws where they see the tile through its like a table saw. The gold standard is a bridge saw travels on a bridge you know moved the title and it cuts through your entire title. If you’re doing a lot of tile projects a bridge size a great investment if you’re not doing right keep in mind I have to buy a saw you can always rent these Home Depot rents these a lot of hardware stores or rent big bridge size you need twenty five inches of travel to cut through an entire lazy granite. We’ve done lots of projects without bridge size and what I can tell you about a nice bridge sizes like power windows you don’t quite realise what you’re missing until you lose out. Nice bridge soil really make the difference between your project going really easily and sometimes not that easily.

I am Jet and I’ll be giving you some tips on how to use your saw and get your lazy granite installed quickly and efficiently. When using a bridge saw you can set a height or you can do it manually by hand, just remember don’t apply too much pressure it is natural stone and it will break as you noticed I went back in for a while using a saw this is called step cutting it prevents breaking in Chipping when you cut through the top edge.

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