How to Install a Pop Up Drain in Your Sink


All right guys, today we’re going to show how to install our photos pop up drains with or without overflow. First box you can see comes in two different sections, this section does come off which you want to take for, this first part installation always remember to keep this o-ring inside this section here. All right next you want to take off hexagon faster here as well as this plastic disc. This is a slippery disk so that when you install underneath that this piece here has a little bit of friction nonfiction go ahead and take off both will be to hear gaskets. All right I’ll show you those, here you want to use the thinner one first and this goes you can tell it flares up you want that player to be up against this flange here like so she sit nice up against that flange that right now is install installation on to your dream was simply in there like so underneath the drain you want to keep this flap up.

You can tell it’s just going to be a rounded edge of the bottom you want this to be up so that when you secure it is that’s nice steel underneath yeah right next is this plastic piece and then underneath is that fastener. All right give us all the way to the top you may want to do a slight fastened with some set of pliers site so that it’s over time that nice and tight that bottom. Oh ring is going to start you know waiting underneath they’re creating that seal underneath as well. After this you have one last step before the peach shopping process and that is this piece here which is simply just slide on and make sure that o-ring is all the way down in them in around, all right that’s it.

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