How to deal with veins in countertops


Hi everyone Sasha was batting grant so I thought that I’d take a few minutes talk about seems and pain direction on natural some products so drew up here a quick little mark kitchen. It’s a twelve by ten really common size in the Colorado area and that got us a slack here twelve and a half by six feet this is all something we consider pretty large slab so the question is how do we make the seams look and this question is particularly important on with stone that has on seems. I’m sorry directional veins right so imagine that these lines and Ron are pains in the stone and they all run left to right for the most part in a lot of stones. The direction that means all run in one direction I but some stones at all actually kinda go three quarters of the way through this. LaVon decide its changing direction with the grain on so happens pretty often but if you’ve got a Street direction like this pretty common for our white marble how do we set it up in the kitchen. The challenge comes up in the fact that we’ve got 10 feet on the side 12 feet on this side and we want to be on cut them out a we want to cut the entire l-shaped out at the same. I’m slap add just like it is in the kitchen want to cut that lol in the slam but the problem is that this is 10 feet long and our short dimension is sixty alright so we have no choice but to cut the 12-foot dimension adhere and we have there’s no material.

There’s no slabs as far as I’ve ever seen their 10 fwy 12 feet by 10 P so we end up cutting the slimes like this. We’re gonna have well twelve-foot or yup a 12-foot slab like this wealthy by two feet sceptic up almost the entire length the slot and then the next piece that will throw in gonna be like this. There’ll be a scene here and other sons are being each feet long so then we get eight feet by two feet a she by to pee so when we cut these pieces out at the stone their side by side in there the veins are running in the same direction but we rotate one of them. The veins are now running in perpendicular directions right so remains a running like this and then they running like this and where the meat it becomes extremely obvious there’s a scene so it’s unattractive question becomes how do we deal with it because unavoidable when the law short side of the kitchen is longer then the short-sighted asylum on or even alongside the Sun. So there’s a few different ways of tackling this problem and you know it’s good kitchen design you’d actually probably have a stove right here something to break up the space so that the veins do change direction but not in the contiguous line so that first to look at up pretty high in bathroom just a bathroom and I found online it’s got a lot of things going on here and we can see all three solutions to the challenges hand so there’s a lot of stuff going on here on those.

I think what is the most obvious name which is right here on the liver the bathtub maybe it’s not the most obvious to me but maybe these back pains are more obvious to other folks. This been right here or did they do that they did absolutely nothing so on thats always an option it’s not preferable but sometimes it’s just not feasible to a match do any kind have a matching at all on me because installation would prevent us from being able to carrying a piece big enough where there’s enough material on or it’s just not doable for design purposes right on but installation is actually in this specific instance because this is such a high in bathroom they probably have to cut this entire top peace out one section of stone and it was just unavoidable. It looks like they couldn’t have done any differently so on for insulation reasons they just cut it off so that’s always an option on the other option is actually to change colours so if this really bothers you right here this change of direction we want you to switch to an under actual stone so some stones have more grainy patterns rather than directional veins so those stones would be something I can the tuba or Santa Cecilia or giallo ornamental on or something like steel black Imperial white.

All those are natural stance where the more grainy and not directional or another possibility would be to go to courts works much more consistent his a man made products on so the next possum possible six-year is a continuation one highly-visible element so if we look at the floor here it looks like that one van running through here and this is clearly most slabs so what they did was they found the most whatever’s drying your eye. The most the brightest darkest the vein going through and the mash it up to that meeting all these other sponsor here so it’s like a black spot kinda running into nothing and with that this darker area kinda running into a letter area with no similar veins. This is what draws are the set is the most common approach with directional kitchens materials rather so in this case we would has found in the area in the slab where maybe it’s kinda her to call and kinda vertical Cameron’s like this maybe its like this and then we’d see if we can find a piece in this lab where it’s like this and maybe it turns a little bit like this and then we have a continuation and even though we still have these directional veins running like this because there’s this continuation it makes.

It seem much more fluid the eye is drawn to the continuation rather than the change in direction the third possibility is called book matching this is definitely a very up the right way doing things because rather than using the scene as a weakness turnout pointing out as a strength are saying well the seniors by design week we put the senior intentionally want you to notice it into says it’s there look cool so in that case what we would do is lineup and probably cut a minute-forty five so that the scene would go more like years check to a complete because that the corners there tend to break off going cut to something like this and then we can have things that means meet up at 45 and you really run into each other Andrea this way it so we can manipulate the material on the slab to me. It looks super obvious where the seams turning and it’s called book mention so this is a really high and back term, this can be easily have been it is an expensive material it this is probably fifty a hundred thousand dollars worth I’ll stonework in this bathroom on because each slat have this material may have cost the customer.

I am 5,000 dull five or six thousand dollars the high and marble but what I love about it is there shows all three possibilities do nothing this is natural stone and that’s the beauty of natural stone is that it’s got variation and a continuation one line even though there’s other elements that don’t match up or the book matching loser really are three options on and we incorporate all three into what we do Bassong granite. Now fun this kinda bathroom isn’t something we were actually tackle this is a project we were turned down this is what I would consider the next level of service so everything we sell were at this in between ground where we offer more service a better selection you find at Home Depot Loews but we’re not one of these custom shops its gonna do everything like shower walls that’s not stomach that we take on or are we able to take on the amount of service required to have created the design that this customer probably had envisioned in their minds sis difference between us and Home Depot on but we do have all the technology to make this happen kitchen counter-tops which is our focus kitchen counter-tops. If you have any questions step in the store talked in your folks.

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