Fusion Loading Slide Show


Today we’re gonna be talking about loading the fusion table. Fusion is a salt water jet combo cut steel glass and stone we use it to cut down for slabs into usable pieces for kitchens will use it to cut down ninety eight inch 2098 interested. I was too carrot tops and cut down our preferred target to the desired likes it cut out the sinkhole cuts the fossils while the water jet when turning the fusion on the power breaker is next to the water pit which is right next to the garnet hopper which is behind the shrine of the future. It’s in the back when using it the power sourcing to be on, the air compressor needs to be on, the water pump and we need to open the plunger for the harbour when warming it up once it’s gone through its start-up and conduits that stop. You go to the manual screen and you can press the other Hydro Pump you could dine on fresh start let it run for about 5 10 minutes to warm up the water.

When zeroing the table you want to make sure that the long box there’s two of them are always in the front of the machine where you’re standing and the short block is on the y axis which will be on the left side of the peace. This ensures that the piece is down in the proper area so it can be cut and be accurate. They’re the same points as on the computer program so you can see where it’s gonna be and what cuts gonna make the user interface you click on load G code which is on the lower left not at the bottom. Now you want to click and you want to find your program name you click on that you press OK and it loads up on the screen. Once it’s loaded up you can click on Baucus which is on the right side of the screen and it gives you a list of what cuts scare me when it’s going to make him and where it’s going to be. You can use this with bigger slabs to make sure that the pieces will fit on the slab contested let it run over there.

She was gonna drop down just to make sure that it’s touching a slab and you can use it just to make sure that you’re not doing a cut that you don’t want to do once the pieces cut. Its gonna leave you with a water jet sink and a soccer 10 piece this varies for every top the sink cutout people with the sink out and the scrap pieces can be thrown in a dumpster. This gives you the basic top which will be put on the Titan to have the final address polished.


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