Denver Solid Stone Bases FAQ


Let’s jump into the details frequently asked questions. The first is the drain, what kind of drained do you need to use? We’ve got a link in our price sheets – exactly the drain that we’ve designed this product for. If you want to use a different drain then we can do whatever training like there’s a charge for wrong drain holes. There’s a separate charge for square or rectangular holes. Custom channels are available but the drain that we’ve designed this for is available just about any major big-box retail if you have us do a custom dream we have to have that drain here prior to the fabrication of this product.

Next question is herb, what do I do for current? You want to do a purpose up, the thickness of this stone is approximately one issue. Order it so what you do is you wear them up the last tile up to hear your last. I’ll have a sled slow usually that tiles about 12 inches long and the thickness of the tile plus the thickness of the mortar adds up to approximately half an inch so you’re travelling three quarters of an inch over 12 inches that was a very slight slow.

Next question is a waterproofing? So we waterproof this when we install it with fabric waterproofing. If you have us install the product we’re going to require that you purchase the fabric here if you want to install yourself there’s a lot of different brands waterproofing fabrics or paintable waterproofing applications that you can purchase but we use the program at fabric.

Next question is how do you measure this thing? So it’s pretty straightforward we’ve got Plus and E – and 8-inch of wiggle room in army machining process and we’re going to ask you for a few dimensions. We’re going to ask you for the x-axis the y-axis so this piece here is approximately four feet by 30 inches and then we’re going to ask you for the positioning of the drain hole and what we’re looking for is the centre of the drain hole. We need to know the exact centre of the drink. Make sure you’re pretty accurate your precise with a tape measure. The plumber give you a little bit of wiggle room, the bottom half of your dream needs to be installed prior to measurement so if you want us to go to your home we will laser measure for the area that you want to shower tray however if the bottom half of the shower drain is not installed and you just have a pipe looking out of the ground. We can’t complete the measurement we’re going to charge you for a trip feat will have to make a second visit to completely don’t want to publish our.

You want standard curve well no problem we’re going to build it up just like you would with a tile shower floor you’re going building up probably the Styrofoam or with two by fours and you’re going to carry your water perfect up and over the curb. We can fabricate for you it’s up to you a cap for inch wide cap in the same colour as your stone. We can fabricate a four-inch piece, for the inside four inches is the dimension we use that’s our standard dimension. We’ve got some standard pricing for that otherwise you can do it in your flooring material, you can do whatever you like with the curb. It’s pretty straightforward there’s nothing terribly complicated about it. Just like you would with the tile shower for how do I measure if it’s not a rectangular shape of the around the oval shape that I want a shower? Well you don’t measure you have us send our temperature to measure we have a laser device to move that on the floor exactly how you want to look you can draw that out with a marker and we will follow that exact line a reminder needs to be a clean job site. We go measure in the bottom half of the drain has to already be installed if it’s not ready for us to measure we’re just going to end up having to charge you a trippy and come out a second time to measure.

Another very common question is, how long is this going to take? This requires a lot of machine time because of that we ask you wait three to four weeks for these to be fabricated with that said this can be rushed talk to a sales person about rushing it. We can get it on the schedule as we would a standard vanity top and get it done sooner. It’s just something we need to talk about and my shower floor stain it sure can so we need to take some measures to make sure that it doesn’t that said this is a luxury product that’s been like I said multi-million dollar homes for a long time so long it’s taken care of. Properly staining is not a concern first thing we recommend is just a basic ceiling so a stone sealer you can get stolen sealer just like you would for your kitchen counter-tops, it’s just about any home improvement retailer because this is a higher-end product we just about always recommend you have a professional ceiling service common take care of. We are a seller of Hydra shield. Hydra shield will come to your home they will seal this warranty. The warranty varies on the material.

Can you do your shower for out of a porous material that is more impervious sustaining? Absolutely, we love for sports is really strong durable and much much more difficult to sustain but just because it doesn’t stain doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to clean. Some light coloured quartz if they’re not sealed well they will get dirty and will be difficult to clean so we still always highly recommend you seal the shower for just like you would a kitchen counter-top or anything else made of stone.

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