Denver Kitchen Countertops – Turnaround Process


He said that he granted guys I love you I wanna buy so much, so what’s the process? I well we’re gonna do is put $250 deposit down we’re going to go to your house or an attempted everything is a process we measure and that’s how we also design the counter top to talk about radius is over hands so a decision maker needs to be there. Don’t leave your twelve year old daughter was our template or otherwise I think it’s a beautiful sight. When you’re in the showroom actually finalise any decisions a lot of people do like them to totally finalise everything, here you need to finalise things at the time of the template she saw your insurance down to a couple of callers ups the $250 deposit that deposit is refundable of until one day before the measurement is.

We have a 24 hour cancellation period for whatever reason you don’t want to go with us or just refund you the 250 it’s not a big deal once the measurements done we know what two billion charge on a square foot basis we try to give back the 250 and you pay the invoice. Once you can usually seven to 10 days to get to installation now what could delay that is you don’t pay if you because we don’t have on-site were at the time of the template you have a drop-in cook-top that’s not there are you pick up stocks known as a little bit more difficult to find example that would be Cambrian house offers a hundred twenty different designs for stone with a local distributor crazy video so if one of those ideas and if you pick one of those forty that’s not in stock at the local distributor and it sounds like here. It may take us a couple weeks just to get the stone here to our facility fabricated to talk about all that, the process pretty straightforward you come here and deposit we go measure the deposit paid send you an invoice and usually something like a week later warehouses storing the counter.

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