Denver Kitchen Countertops – FAQ


Frequently asked questions, which is better granite, marble, quartz? Well each material has its advantages, granite, marble are timeless courts doesn’t stain soapstone weathers and can be used in fireplaces, ceramics labs don’t stain or scratch but colours are limited in their very expensive. The trouser has a unique look but it’s not she alright so she made us choose one, it would be quartz quarters of man-made engineered stone. It isn’t staying like natural stone and is by far the strongest of the different materials. The advantage for you to use courts we can have big overhangs without using corbels or other supports when you factor in price if you made us choose which materials bass we would choose warrants their differences between brands of course like Caesar-stone Cambrian ms sign dozens more but those differences aren’t quality.

We’ve yet to notice any difference in quality between these different brands. Cambrian Caesar-stone are more recognisable brands and more inter league have with their patterns so these brands are always a little bit more expensive but if you’re comparing the same look across different brands the lesser-known brands are always less expensive or test two downsides. Its UV light sensitive so we can’t use it outdoors and it isn’t as heat-resistant as natural stone hear someone heating courts next to grant it with a propane torch after about 18 seconds add is colours and burns temperatures over 300 degrees can discolour courts with that said you should never place a very high on objective many cool material regardless of whether it’s quarter natural stone. Thermal shock can create any material just like if you pour boiling water into a cool with all that said you don’t need to worry too much about the technical differences between stone remodelling your kitchen isn’t something you do often and the counter tops of the most visible item in the entire project go with what you think is going to look best trust yourself and don’t overthink it wire.

Certain stones more expensive than others stone is a commodity it’s all about supply and demand some stones are hot and that makes them more expensive today. Some stones are rare and some stones are most expensive doesn’t mean higher quality in fact lower quality stones are often higher tiers because they are more fragile or they break more when we fabricate them, ship them to my old counter-tops need to be removed before you can measure. Now we can measure with the old counter-top still there you can keep your old counters until a day or two prior to the installation process however you need to be prepared to adjust the cabinets if you need to before we measure so that their level which can install on. How to level surface if you move your cabinet after a measure? We’re gonna have to trade your trip theory measure if the cabinets move after we started cutting we’re gonna have you a free fabrication so don’t move the cabinets after everything’s been measure long as it’s gonna take we aim to be in your home and design the counters within one week of you paying the deposit once the design is finished.

We’re gonna send you an invoice usually the next business day after you pay we get the slab sinks and any other materials in if it’s an in-stock stone and one of our sins we try to install was intended for out of stock stones it’s usually add another week to the process but sometimes it can take quite a bit longer. For example, camera offers $120 their local distributor stocks about seventy of those colours if you want one of those fifty that’s not stopped and then we can take a few weeks to bring in now with that said what often is delaying us isn’t the materials but appliances make sure you got here stove there especially if it’s a drop in range your faucet picked out if those aren’t coming from us they need to be there at the time of measurement. How often do I need to seal the counter-tops? Well if you’re using Quartz you never have to see all but natural stone needs to be sealed with a chemical wax on wax off thats all there is to it but the Steelers don’t last forever wears away at the sealer.

Cleaning chemicals are using harsh chemicals to clean your counters you’re gonna need to see you more often if you soft cleaning agents the seal last longer the area around your sink to be sealed once every 18 months but the desk area might need to be sealed once and never again so it really depends to see if your counter-top needs to be sealed for some water come back in 10 minutes, if the water is absorbed into the stone you need to reseal it if it beats on top of the stone you’re in the clear.

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