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How do we turn an ordinary-looking rock into a beautiful counter-top? It all starts at the quarry, here’s one in marble Colorado looks like an ordinary mountain except for all the excavating equipment outside Corey’s output big blocks of granite and marble each one of these blocks is cutting slabs by a gang saw. I’ve included a video of a gang saw cutting at the end of this presentation. If you’re curious the slabs get polished a stone processing facility this machine takes in one side rough and they come out the other side looking nice and shiny from there they get delivered to Bath & granite ready to be made in the counter-tops.

Our first step is measuring we use a laser device to measure all the walls, we capture all the curves and bows in the wall then we’ve got a digital drawing of the counter-top. If you pick a slab with being movement or colour variation will take a photo of the slab on our giant green screen. Now we can lay the digital drawing on top of the photo and make sure that we have good flow at the seams on this kitchen. We had a seam here by positioning the pieces of certain way on the slab we were to make the seemed almost perfectly hidden with the veins if that doesn’t work we can rearrange the slabs for a different design. Same kitchen same slabs very different appearance once the design is finalised the slab goes to Sasha it uses a blade to cut all the straight lines then switches over to water jet to cut the curves.

This machine will cut the counter-top with those curves in your wall. We measured earlier that means the counter-top will fit like a glove we shouldn’t have to do much grinding on site. Most shops that don’t have this equip will grind away the curves on-site leaving the homeowner with fine granite dust holds onto the walls and ceilings. Sinkholes and premium edges get polished on the router, the router leaves a top-quality polish we have long exposed edges like this one the router maintains the exact line or mark in the design is very difficult for someone to replicate this kind of edge quality by hand without some level of waviness. Now we’re ready for installation all things being equal the difference between a great counter top and a not-so-great counter-top or the seems there are five key elements to beautiful seems. The first step to a great-looking seems he’s been matching this is a high-quality scene but because the fabricator didn’t have the tools to do a matching it’s obvious where the seams.

The next element is the shape of the scene on more consistent colour without veins we try to use what’s known as the euro seen the humanised great at detecting straight lines so if we give the seam a curve at the front it’s more difficult to detect. The third element is how tight the slabs fit together with our equipment were able to cut a perfectly straight line then we grind the underside of the slab to give the glue something to stick to on the left side you’ll see one of the slabs isn’t cut at an equal or opposite angle you have a small gap at the top for the glue to become visible. The fourth element is colour mixing, the adhesive this is an art performed by the installers on-site the wrong colours can make all the difference in the city. Lastly, we need to squeeze the slabs together most shops have two men push the slabs together as hard as they can all of our installers are equipped with backing clamps they suck on to the slabs then crank the slabs together applying more force than two men ever could squeezing the last bits of blue from the scene.

Let’s look at another not-so-great see the installer chose to copy the darker colour for the adhesive in the slab and that didn’t serve them with the line is thicker than it needs to be which may indicate either they didn’t have the right equipment and squeeze the slabs together or they weren’t cut perfectly straight. Lastly, there is no euro scene which really could have helped in hiding this line. Now you may be wondering what is the perfect scene look like? Well there really isn’t much to see the perfect scene is when you don’t notice at all, it looks like a uniform piece of stone for a better idea of what our seems look like. Check our display come visit our showroom to see this equipment and work turning a beautiful counter-tops. We’re right off i-70 and Dahlia across from the safer distribution.

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