Denver kitchen cabinets


Customers ask us for the bath and granting experience on cabinetry just like we did for counter-tops so here it is. Now you can buy at bath and read it your entire kitchen cabinets set and counter tops and like everything try to be as transparent as possible for pricing. So you’re gonna see some linear foot estimates for the base cabinets and the wall cabinets. We also have an estimate for installation but you can install these cabinets without a timeline listed here and what you’re going to find for the product is like most of our products. It’s going to be a bit nicer than when you find from the big box stores in an upgrade from their not as nice as a full custom solution you could find somewhere else now. If you’re ready to go you think our pricing is reasonable you need to set up an appointment with the design. Those are usually in the afternoon mid week we’ll go through the entire project make sure that we design the kitchen with you and you have a ready to go price.

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