Denver kitchen cabinets ordering process


So you need a 3D render for your kitchen but first we need to know measurements. Measurements are either going to be us coming out and measuring your kitchen the 100-dollar one-time fee that gets me to your place and I get everything squared away no we’re all of your appliances are all of your windows etc or you click on the link below and it leads you to a measurement guy. Here you can see it has all the things you need to know when ordering kitchen cabinets so a plan view is like a view from above.

This is the counter-tops and the floor basically the entire dimensions of the kitchen elevation views include all the cabinet’s, your appliances, the heights of the cabinet’s you desire where your electrical outlets are now, there are instructions for where the water gas drains. Make sure to get all of those so that we don’t cover them up or we don’t alter them or damaged it because that is bad when installing kitchen cabinets and you can see there’s plenty of space here for doing all the different walls and you have nooks crannies islands anything in there. It’s good to go and then there’s also our expectation chart and this will kind of lead you through the process where we are or cabinets as well as our counter-tops.

John how precise do people need to be with their measurements if they’re like happen and chop, is that ok? No, we want to get down to basically as precise as possible sixteenth of an inch or an eighth of an inch can make a lot of difference when you’re talking about a door opening into another door or into an appliance. These really are important features ok so those are the walls. What about a water line, a gas line does it matter that’s a plus or minus an inch? Absolutely, because if we end up putting a cabinet wall directly your gas line it’s not gonna work or you’re gonna have to cut into your cabinet alter things you don’t want to get in there we can just design around that from the get go very easily so we just need to be careful when the customers measuring but this is something they would do with a tape measure. Absolutely Megan Neuringer our forum take pictures you got phone, get your camera utilise that send those to me I can interpret that can make sure that these things it all squared away properly.

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