Denver kitchen cabinets FAQ


What are the cabinet’s made out of the cellar back and granite? So all of our cabinets are made out of hardwood faces all maple and why would boxes there is no compressed woods or particle boards all right do they have soft clothes hinges? Yes all of our cabinets soft close hinges as well as sophomores doors standard as well as they are full extension and of tail. All right well what sizes do they come in? They come in a variety sizes, the base cabinets can be three drawer set ups or door drawer combos ranging from about nine inches up recording. John what’s the quality of cabinets you can get at math and granite? The quality is high the industry is very competitive one and basically you get what you pay for. What we have here is of equal to or better quality than you’d find at a big-box store what about it is homes. I just compared to most builder quality cabinets these are nicer.

All right, you guys install cabinetry? Yes we have two options either you can install that your cabinetry yourself or have your own contractor or you can see on our website our price guide for installation. All right, do you do any custom cabinetry? No we don’t do custom cabinetry now our cabinets can be altered and they come in so many different sizes that we can fit almost any setup that you need. How long does it take after I’ve ordered my cabinets for them to come in? Generally we’re about three weeks we tend to put it out about 36 weeks right now we’re running through and if I need installation is that a few weeks it does depending on installers schedules and your schedule it can add any number of weeks. Do you guys deliver cabinets? Absolutely our cabinetry is delivered by professional movers to the site however this is a delivery that the decision maker needs to be present and needs to check off to make sure that every cabinet you ordered is their present and in good condition there will not be any deliveries up stairs or elevators so it’s a main floor or garage delivered.

Do I need a lot of space available? Absolutely think about how big your kitchen is about how much space you’re going to need. Ok so you’re saying I shouldn’t leave my phone your own son at home to receive this stuff definitely not he needs to be probably walk in this room what if I find something is scratched and I call you a month later and say hey this stuff scratched unfortunately? There’s no way for us to child when that happen if you do that on the same day we have no problem resolving that issue to working with you to get you a new cabinet or find some other solution all right in you guys some replacement parts or paint that kind of thing definitely we have stain sticks we have replacement panels anything really figure out a way to get to you. All right and how long would it take to get a replacement component? Anywhere to from a day to a week.

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