Cutting a Vanity from a Full Slab Slide Show


Let’s program a top for a 61 inch sparkling white the stop is going to be cut out of a full slab and that for slab is a hundred and sixteen by 56 interests because this is a force lab. We will need to offset the top back because this is courts the offset is smaller because it does have a clean edges and engineered stone. The US the normal stones the real stones they have the drill marks in the sides of them. They will need to be offset a minimum of two inches sometimes up to four depending on how far in the cracks are just to avoid them so they don’t get in the way this type is 61 inches by 22 inches. We want to move it into our are offset so to half inch away this is a standard top is a large rectangles. The office at four rectangles is four and a half inches first sync 13 and a quarter inches away this is a double so has two sinks.

The second one sporty six and three quarter and we want to insert and find our temple, we want a large rectangle with one whole place down press copy which is the shortcuts see so I F 94 the intersections and delete the old one so we don’t need this top is getting back splash so we can scroll over to the fusion bar create back-splash of four inches click on the back and gave us a four-inch back-splash. We already have splash for the stop specifically so we can delete this because we don’t now that we are ready to cut this top out click and click the 26 outside. Now we have the tour paths for it if we don’t change any of these two paths will be left with a cut here and it’s going to give us this weird shaped remnant. We have to extend cuts to border click anywhere on the border of this and click to talk has he want to extend this is gonna give us usable permanence for in the showroom.

The issue with this program the way it still going to leave this socket so we come up from click auto towpath do rectangle but we want to select our first point at the centre and scroll up to the opposite corner. We want to move this down evenly click F 34 orthographic so it doesn’t goes it only go side to side or can’t do diagonal into about a sock toe path by clicking that rectangle and our top another way to do this is going in here and click here and I’ll join it a sock away that is the easiest way to do retail pad order that will give us a remnant that can be used for counter-top large piece to use her kitchen and bar counter-top. Now that this is ready to go we can send the G Kirk file structure programmed this last name is but its sparkling white 61.

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