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Hi, I’m Chad with Hydra shield of Colorado. Heidi shield is proud to partner with bath and granite as one of our exclusive providers of Hydra shield. Eco-friendly protective coatings here in Colorado either shield offers a family of protective coatings that are professionally applied at your home and warranty for up to 15 years with a single application. Hydra shields exclusive family of protective coatings are designed to protect your granite marble slate travertine and other natural stones as well as your shower glass, your grout and porcelain products like tile toilets and sinks. Let’s go, take a look at how this works? Now all right this is an example of a piece of granite that has been sealed with hydrogen on one side and not sealed on the other side.

You can see this side isn’t so happy, what’s going on here is when a contaminant is introduced to this side it starts to soak in and I hate when I try to clean it off. You see that’s soaking in that starting to stain your granite it’s getting into the pores that standing the surface of your granite. The side that’s been sealed with higher shield you see that liquid is not getting into the Granite’s not even touching your granite because it’s sitting on the hybrid membrane that Hydra shield leaves. A barrier between any contaminants and the surface of your stuff this will like clean it will not stain and it will be seventy-five percent easier to clean so I want to show you what happens with a porous stone like slate? Here if it’s not protected with Hydra shoot what I’ve done is I’ve protected this side with Hydra shield and left this side on seal as you can see it’s entirely invisible.

You wouldn’t know there’s any protection on there when I introduced a contaminant to the unsealed side. You see how it pulls up what it’s doing it’s starting to soak into that stone on the Hydra shield side. You see how it beads up more what that means is there’s a barrier between your stone in the contaminants if I let that sit here for just a couple seconds see how it’s not soaking in. See how it is soaking in leave that for another 2 minutes and your wine has just become part of your stuff. See how that soaked into the stone else we’ve gone natural stone is hard but it does have pores because it is a stone and if those pores are left unsealed what happens is contaminants get in those pores and they can cause staining and they can cause bacterial content colonisation in your stone. Now typical penetrating sealers fill those pores and they keep stains at the surface level of your stone, however they will protect the surface of your stone.

Hybrids exclusive hybrid technology not only fills the pores of your stone but leaves a breathable invisible membrane on the surface of your stone that creates a barrier between your stone and any contaminants introduced to it. Also makes it seventy-five percent easier to clean what’s your warranty so hyper shield offers warranties based on the surface that we pretend. We have industry-leading warranties for granted red is 15 years with a single application. We want to your other natural stones like marble travertine slate etc for three years with a single application shower glass. We warrantee the glass for five years and grout and porcelain is three years. What happens if my stone gets stained? So if you get a stain after I’ve after hydrocodone has been applied you simply give us a call, we’ll come out and take a look at it and get that fixed for you. Do you have people in Denver? We are located here in Denver of local representatives and a local phone number to call in case you have any questions. What’s your turn around time? So within two weeks of installation we will come to your home and apply Hydra shield to the surfaces you wish to happen is hydrocodone good for glass. Hi Michelle, is great for glass we actually were founded as a glass protection back in nineteen ninety five, we have one of the only products that bonds with the molecules of your glass to smooth it out and create a permanent barrier so that hard water and soap scum can’t get hold of your glass.

They said we beat up and wipe away clean with a five-year warranty like shower doors be easier to clean with you had to shield your shower doors will be seventy-five percent easier to clean I wish I could tell you they be made clean themselves but they’re gonna be a whole lot easier than they are without hydrocodone. Do you apply Hydra shield to toilets? We actually can apply Hydra shield to toilets, sinks and any porcelain products, the reason being it makes it so much easier to clean for any of you families out there that have boys you probably know what I’m talking about why do you charge more for toilet that are new well because we’re gonna come in and we’re going to restore that toilet and get it clean before we seal it so they going forward it’s going to stay looking new. Will hydrocodone change the colour of my stone? So hydrocodone protection is entirely invisible it will not change the look or colour of your stone unless you use our colour enhancing products. We do offer a colour enhancing sealer for stones like slate and marble you want it to be a little bit darker and richer in colour.

What do I use to clean my surface after Hydra Shields been installed once? Hydra shield is applied to a surface it makes it seventy-five percent easier to clean and what that means is you can rent your home and the environment of the harsh chemical cleaners are using today you’re simply going to need to wipe it clean with soap. What’s the process like so if you’d like to have higher shield applied to any surface in your home? You’ll place a hundred dollar deposit of bath and granted and we’ll schedule a time to come to your home measure your services and talk about the options you have higher she was charged by the square foot depending on the surface if you choose to have protection above the hundred dollars that the granite will simply bill you for the rest. What do you think about all this? So if you have been to the museum yet be sure to come check it out.

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