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Whether you’re looking to freshen up your current home where you recently moved and want to make some upgrades. The kitchen and bathrooms are probably first always that was always first on the list and you’re probably trying to figure out. That is why we have such turn here is the owner of Bath & granite, he wants to explain how you can get this beautiful stone counters on any budget.

We are so glad to meet you Sasha because it really does that a room apart when you want to get stoned and it’s just like it matches your eye. It’s the most noticeable part of the whole remodel usually ok and so there are some videos out there are explaining exactly how the process works right? Yeah, we want to educate our customers we don’t want to feel like a black box I just put money in somebody comes to my house to install. We walk them through on our website how it works from start to finish. Yeah what a fresh approach I love that. You just go to your website you see it in black and white right there in front of you. I mean you know because a lot of times it can be so hard to buy the counters and things you want to take that away and make it easy. What we want it’s a big purchase we know it can be stressful so when our customers come in we want them to be prepared and know what questions to ask. We also want them to know how much it’s going to cost so we put all of the pricing right on your website. Yeah because a lot of people are surprised with some added fees right it’s all there in writing when you ready come to you. Well we’ve heard a lot of our customers say that they got the used car experience somewhere else. Yeah and they came to us and the the price was exactly what it said on the website very nice alright.

So do you only sell groundout or do you sell all kinds of stuff to kind of stone so. We’ve got cambria court Caesarstone silestone marble granite all kind of stuff in our showroom ont colors you know I don’t want to say are they all. You know affordable can you really work all those into people’s budgets. We’ve got a full range huh we’ve got a full range and things are broken down the price groups so we’ve got some excuse thank you understand that. Yes we’ve got everything from really beautiful exotic materials to some lesser expensive stuff that’s just gonna upgrade what you have now.

Yeah look at that a lot of your showroom, yeah so how long does the process take like when you come in and check out what you want to talk to someone is it a long lengthy what tell me. No no not usually it’s a construction project race there’s a lot of variables Marines are in stock out of stock but usually one of three weeks is the typical turn around for most of our customers let’s get it. You know I’m really this the showroom is incredible is that the best way really to come and see it in person kind of touch it feel it look at all the colors. Yeah absolutely so we’re not gonna make you walk outdoors through some slime yard while the slides are on display in our showroom and then we also have photos of installed kitchens of every color that we carry in stock on our website. Yeah because i like to see the combination I am NOT person who knows how it’s going to look at right at the inside of visualize ray it’s good to see some examples and we love hearing from homeowners who have used you.

We had talked to someone who had a bad experience with someone else that came to you it was awesome so it was ok that’s going to be a special order so we’re going to charge you delivery also to get that delivered to our warehouse and we need two slabs and we can’t guarantee that we’re going to be able to cut it and if we can cut that we’re going to send it back and then you’ll be trapped another delivery fee for another slap it was pretty. Yeah and we just like the fact that we walked in but we looked around at all the slabs and it literally was the same public exactly the same decide that we have in our home now. So like that now we’re in trouble it’s my wife was driving by and she and she just stopped in and met the staff here they’re very helpful. They walked her through the process everything was clearly marked on the different displays that you have pricing to what it is some of the things even told about stain resistance two different things like that so she was very well taken care of as we live in arvada and we just came down I-70 and they look the bathroom great location is right across from the safeway warehouses on I-70 and Dahlia. We just hopped on the freeway and we were here within minutes.

You do have a great location I 17 Colorado nice that’s a great low cal but also let’s talk about you know when you piece things together is a lot of people make a really big deal out of the seams. You know what do you do about that one can you really hide seems really well so it depends on the stone and the layout of the project. You’re absolutely right the difference between a good counter top and a great counter top of the seams when you go to our website we talked a lot about seems about what goes into making scene from photograph each piece of stone when there is variation in the material to make sure that we match up the similar looking colors at the scene. Sounds like you’re very picky but I really like that I like that because if you’re going to do a project like that you want it done right.

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