Cleaning the Fusion


They were gonna go on firstly I wanna on the left side the fusion as long as your water is this house is going to be all logic tribute water system on Thursday. This will be a really simple that’s all then go ahead and all you’re doing it so it’s good that make sure this is because if any large chunk of granite are in there with your machines will be up and down. The table will often as a large truck to get caught in the pool and I’m sure all but there’s a whole punctured water watch TV down inside and potentially get on our ferry traffic. We want to avoid doesn’t matter about getting that way where you don’t want the water issue is up inside the cabin. Try to avoid shooting water up inside that powerful debris like the sit on a shelf over here and I know just off the front we have sitting on top of these strips of metal a stop against your blade dropping a little too deep or bladed online jobs just to the point that hit so you can see that there’s always cuts in to replace this it’s really easy to use these small sheet seek actually just pull it straight up individual seats in just replace the one that needs to be replace generally it’s gonna be this one here.

The one red at the from the table that gets replaced the most you can see that gets the most use the water-jet cut into all these piece of metal and also place that all the things get caught out when you’re generally doing it to see. So if you put a piece of granite on top here and you run a program you’ll notice that if there’s a big hole in here without any support the saw actually push the piece of granite down and your saw blade won’t die completely through the piece of granite and you’ll pull it off and on notice that some pieces are still stuck her. Leave power rough edge that’s your first indication that you need to replace this second indication is it none of this stuff was here go ahead and replace this. There’s something there’s so much square footage and surface area to a slap that generally when you last lap while supporting it. You’re gonna be alright so right now this is getting really close I would say probably next year two were gonna wanna go ahead replaces with a fresh sheet. Right now we’re not having any issues so I’m gonna go ahead and keep this. I try to keep the concrete pour it on this as long as possible because we tend to go through it again.

Go back to the metal you can see that all jacket and that’s over and over and over again we’ve had this machine for about six or seven months. How you have a great place these yet I think probably in the next two months could be time to but for right now it’s still supporting our pieces so I would do go ahead what they are is there actually landscape so each one of these goes from the front to the back of the table and you can actually once you clear this whole table off of the concrete or expose all these and you can pull these all up and either get rid of them or you can actually switch with the one that really haven’t touched bush like over there and back for. You can see that those are all still pretty good so when we do get around to actually changing the structure model shoot another video that explains how to do that.

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