Changing the Fusion Blade


We’re gonna go to place the blame on his right now is in good shape it’s a fairly new blade but what you’ll notice is the silver heart start getting ground away getting lower and lower so which place to play but I like to keep all of our miscellaneous parts in this cabinet here at all the processes of an extra played this blame. You can see the difference the other is barely any silver left on this played, this one was their first place we’ve replaced it with the one that’s on there. Now but I just so basically it for some reason we have at least that played on and make some putts. This is the airport or so what you gonna need to actually take the softly always kept in his back so I like to have this so the first step is to take this off. I like to keep this next to me after I take it off because you know which way to turn the air but not real.

Simple you’re gonna want to open all of these sometimes their little difficult because there is a lot of stone dust that gets trapped in behind the Reds. I guess I sat over to the side that way until reference it goes up. You’re not going to want to clean those off when you put them back in now to grab some rust inhibitor to that you can spray you can also spray this report. Now you’re turning clockwise one hand and then that’s probably be a pain because here the actual what’s going on do is pull it out a little bit ago on Optus ring out as a little brass spacer ring is gonna have to hit with like a flat screwdriver and I will not and that will give you room for this place to move on the arbor and get it passed this water feed right here so once you’ve done that replace it with the new blade. You’ll see that the plate has directions on it your blade spend this way you know that your plate spends this way in the arbor moves that awkward because as the shroud back here.

That’s always good point of reference you know that if the blade spinning clockwise it’s obviously not be spring stuff how that so that’s why this is here not be spring this way so you play it meant clockwise put your plate on match the rotation and that it is putting all this back together like to clean everything off late on white collar on and that’s pretty must endeavour on it then go back over and grab you are not a member clockwise was losing counterclockwise too tight go back and forth with it to get some of that Rustin Hieber working throughout the whole threats. You’re gonna walk up late again that’s how much I actually witness but if I use the hammer more little just got to you can’t get any more turns out of it take that off.

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