Bundled Products Announcement 12-31-14


Now that you’re more familiar with the bundled products after we rolled out the pros to shower enclosure and then the top 10 products this is where when you place an order. You select this product and it brings up all the options on. Now that you’ve been doing those for about a month starting on January 1st the 2015 we are rolling out quite a few new bundled products that we need to start using and we need to make sure we do not use the all methods anymore for these products. I’m going to go through what the new bundled products are so on top of the vanity tops and prose to shower enclosures. We are doing contact is also bundled product that we’ve been doing we’re also going to do aqua vanities and to find that you just search HQ or up about the many look for the one that says bundled product. We are also doing ureter bathroom vanities then search for EU. We’re also doing all lazy granite and that separated by color arms to say he needs white tiger you search for white tiger lilies granny you’ll find that armory to search the color code wohi on select that’ll bring up all the white tiger options on certain that for every car lease agreement. Scroll up here we’re doing that for lol the entities we’re doing that for conifer vanities again by color on C just select the finish colour.

Anna bring up all the options for that finish we’re doing it for moniker the Indies again by colors well arms those just the new products on the main thing to think about is we need to make sure that we do not use the old methods are Middlemiss was stuff. I’m so many to moniker you can’t just go select 248 natural moniker you need to go to the monitor bathroom and natural bundle product in go and select the 48-inch cabinet from there on. Don’t want to use this simple products any more likely happen are the main worry that we need to dress is for our cause in neuroscience. Now that we’re doing bundled products this is so we can keep track of the tops in cabinets separately so we know that we have inventory on tops and stuff on independently vanities so we know that we can do a replacement toppers up my god mom so many were here is if you go in the old method and had an awkward vanity on without doing it through the bundle product.

It’s not going to be the right price because now the vanities are going to be the vanity cabinet only and it’s going to be less on the price because now there’s a price for the top as well so the batt or these are the Aqua tops are completely separate product and have their own price. Now from the Viennese so the say not worth forty eight-inch the 48-inch vanity cabinet will be one item and the 48-inch aqua top will be another item so the only select one you’re basically giving them. The other for free so we need to make sure we do the bundle them need to make sure you select the cabinet and the up if you have any questions feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email or you can ask still or Brian as well word.


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