8 – ITM input use up to 235


Now he plays the tool in the tour act to a number sixty 60 gonna want to do a couple of things before we can actually run it through the idea. Per-singer wanna do is simply the actual cool dimensions so machine setup right here to a library and then if you remember from previous videos we actually had this tool 102 just scroll down today using this far gone used it a lot easier. Here we come up with to 110 I like that it cool so these are things that you need to put in before UiTM also know that up there so I T aime last measure never ran need to we have not measured this yet before so something’s gonna put in 2004 to rpm. I know this because I know that war but it was a brand new tool you generally just want to look at the packaging or look online and try to find me are the outcome for the tool itself.

I know that this one wants to run about 60 and we’re gonna do about 40 inches per minute on this one so we’re also gonna wanna do the actual tour diameter of the differential as the same crew but again it doesn’t need to be precise because all you’re doing is giving the ITM direction even know the tour going to measure is actually in store. Right now I’m very used to all the same tool just a different position to get inside diameter and it will be close enough to the other tools. You can see me out of 1.5 02 that rating here and this is something that is pretty generic for all of them. We’re gonna generally between three and four you’re dealing with a really large tool maybe ogee edge school or at home goes to all go up to 40. For this one let’s just say so now we have all the things I needed for your idea what we’re gonna do it we’re gonna want to save and close it OK now we can go into me just go back to the main menu you can go back on the stand up and down here integrated management system it not again. Now you gonna want to go and actually select the tools to measure, again remember we put that guy all the way down $100 school page down.


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