1 – r25 input


Today we’re going to show you how to set up new tools? Tools where down every so often you purchased new on that means we need to remember the tools there’s a couple different. Christiani of course these but all set of calipers and then go on to have your podium for being part of your body. First thing we’re going to do is go to screen, we actually enter in the value that’s gonna be another set up in a great tool management system. Now it’s gonna be the laser that actually goes in measures this tool. Once you’re in this screen and for the sake of this tutorial I’m just going to put in 200 100 on our tour we actually have 2013 16 were just shooting a draining. I don’t want to go through erase these values for previous two or three days then do this $100 deal for amateurs are 25 Mar 23 or 26 24 92122.

What these are, these are the R value our values are what the ITN for the great to a man who need your input in order for it to do its job so first we’re going to go to our 25 just hit that not gonna have to include a measurement are 25. It’s pretty easy measurement you gonna have your caliper, here make sure that zeroed out are 25 would be the distance from the centre of your tool to the outside but there’s also this lip you wanna be back from the very edge of the tool so a standard practice is to actually go back so in other words you would measure the diameter 2.25 take your 2.25 divide that by two and then minus four-point 063. You can see that it’s just a friendly tool same type of tour just a different position finer diamonds but this one is actually showing you get a tax too gas fitting for India. Again make sure your California zeroed out get your diameter being the total distance left and right 2.25 again so again you take 2.2 5/2 minus points 063 that number will show up in your number here.


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