Why ASTM Standards are Important

ASTM InternationalIn today’s building industries, the stress is on secure, long lasting, low maintenance goods, which natural stone prospects the list within the minds of designers and architects, and customers worldwide.

Without a steady, reasonable set of requirements and screening methods for stone goods, the rock business overall will be in disarray. The specifications that were set and developed in position for such goods are crucial resources to assist guard customers, person organizations, and the industry from negative effects associated with item problems.

Supplies requirements assistance to prevent the usage of natural stone goods for unsuitable apps. For example, without the minimum standards for Abrasion Level of resistance of Natural stone Abrasion Resistance of Stone Subject to Foot Traffic (ASTM C241), it might be more likely that extremely soft, effortlessly broken supplies will be installed in industrial applications.

This may cause the operator to incur further expense for repair and maintenance, and badly impact the standing of the stone business in general.

These requirements also function as benchmarks for quality limitations of merchandise. If a stone with a below-minimum flexural strength is used for a lintel, then it may be more likely to fail, thus causing damage and possible injury. Internal or external floor coverings or paving having an inferior slide level of resistance level will more likely trigger slipping mishaps in public or private tasks.


The American Society for Testing and Materials Global (ASTM), founded in 1898, is a not-for-profit organization that gives an international forum for that publication and development of voluntary agreement requirements for products, systems and materials and professional services. More than 30,000 people from 100 nations are definitely the members of ASTM Worldwide, who are users, consumers and producers and general attention celebrations such as federal government reps and academicians.

Committees are set up that focus on and also have jurisdiction above requirements for many different designations, such as Dimension Stone (Committee C18) or Concrete (Committee C01). These committees are made up of several subcommittees which can be tasked to discuss and develop personal sectors inside the committee’s legal system.

For instance, a single subcommittee may deal with the growth of standards working with Test Strategies for Aspect Natural stone, and another with Anchorage Components and Systems for Organic Stone. These committees fulfill frequently to talk about and offer info for each and every new or present standard.

Before it is forwarded for final approval, the entire membership of ASTM International votes on whether a standard is suitably developed and researched. Bad votes cast through the balloting method are fully resolved just before forwarding. and Companies Buyers and sellers of products and materials, and services incorporate these requirements in agreements; engineers, scientists and architects and creative designers utilize them in their work.

ASTM International is acknowledged throughout the world and will continue to overview and create new specifications required in an array of materials.


As stone industry professionals, it is our task to apply the correct standards to materials at appropriate times in order to keep the stone industry strong and to remain a reliable source of quality products, as stone industry professionals.

Most architectural specifications require that stone meet certain specified ASTM or other testing standards before it will be accepted for use. Some goods available today have not been tested for high quality standards which are required for particular jobs. If test results are not available for the stone product, then testing should be performed by the quarry or representative company as required, the required testing should be reviewed and. Some quarries along with their associates usually do not embrace this concept because their goods can be advertised to property owners and home jobs without the need to execute screening. It depends on our industry to know how to recognize these items and ensure to demand the desired materials data required.

Tests of natural stone can be executed by others when required examination info usually are not available. Impartial labs can perform the appropriate tests and offer the data within a well organized, expert record.

It is important to know when a specific test is not needed to get a merchandise. For example, a test for Fall Opposition would not be essential for rock used in a top to bottom software, that can by no means obtain feet visitors. Some examples are not as very easily established. As an example, do you know the requirements for tests a stone to be utilized for internal floors inside a business application where stone is installed more than a elevated floor deck subjected to deflection, and will be susceptible to visitors from pedestrians and cleaning carts weighing 1,000 weight? It might be necessary that the rock of preference meets standards associated with Fall Resistance,  Abrasion Level of resistance, Ingestion, Compressive Power, and Twisting Power. They are all actual needs of the natural stone product in the course of daily use.

Know about the prerequisites of overall performance that might be put on the natural stone during the time of set up, and in the future. If a stone has proven not to perform for a particular use, then avoid marketing it for that use. Require that it be done or avoid the product’s use if testing is not available.

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