Stone Pricing Factors

stone slabsOne of the biggest factors in determining which stone people use for their kitchen countertop is price. Today, many types of stone is readily available and competitively priced amongst manufacturers. There are several options when it comes to stone selection, with a range of prices to fit almost any budget. The stone supplier should ask for your budget when helping you decide on what type to install.

Several Factors Determine Price

Many factors determine the price of a stone slab. Availability,  market demand, quality, and transportation are a few of the items that will factor on the price of the stone you select. This can be an advantage when you have a set budget, as you always  have the ability to select alternatives with the same stone characteristics.  Availability is important to determine whether the stone is still carried by the wholesaler, the number of slabs in stock and in can be installed in your projects schedule.  Usually if the stone is hard to get, you can expect the price to be more expensive.  If the stone is only available from one company, they can demand a high price and the stone supplier should understand this.

Size of stone: Not all stone slabs are available in the size you need for your project.  A stone slab may not fit the layout of your project and you may be forced to order an extra piece.  Price can also be determined by the size of the slab and the amount of waste of the blocks in relation to the finished project.

Stone Thickness: Stone thickness can also affect the price as the thicker a product, usually the more expensive.  Countertop slabs typically come in a standard thickness of  3/4 inch or 1 1/4 inch.  Depending on your needs, the thicker the more you can expect to pay.

Thin Stone Tiles: manufacturers are now able to cut stone into 1 cm thick tiles, which is more affordable and helps with availability. These tiles are similar to other natural products and are cost effective.  To learn more about thin granite tiles, check out our LazyGranite product.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost

  • Quantity allowed for storage.
  • Installation process and contractor fees
  • Type of edging
  • Number of cuts
  • Sink type

Consult with your local stone fabricator to review these and other costs that factor into the overall project budget.

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