Overview of Granite


An Overview of Granite Stone

It’s no surprise why so many choose Granite for their Kitchen or Bathroom Countertop and why Granite is the stone of choice for most of our customers that visit our showrooms in Denver and Colorado Springs.  One reason is that Granite is considered the most durable stone in the world.

Granite is used to make a variety of different objects in residential or commercial construction.  From slab countertops to Modular tiles, paving stones, curbing, stair treads, building veneer, and even cemetery monuments are all great uses for granite stone.

What makes Granite so Unique?

What makes granite so unique aside from it’s durability and abundance, are it’s colors. The color of a granite is governed largely by that of the feldspar, usually the most abundant mineral. However, the color may differ to some extent due to the quartz, hornblende, or mica, if considerable amounts are present. Almost white, light gray, dark gray, green, pink, and red granites are the most common.

A uniform color distribution is usually a desirable feature for homeowners.

Lighter-colored granites are the average composition of continental crust, while darker granites are more likely associated with or influenced by nearby oceanic composition stone. Dark, granular igneous rocks, classified petrographically as anorthosite, basalt, diabase, diorite, and gabbro, are also used as dimension stone, and are classed commercially as “black granite.”

granite gold veins

Types of Granite Finishes

For as many colors of Granite, options can become overwhelming when you consider the many types of finishes for granite. There are more finishes for granite than any other stone due to it’s durability.

Finishes commonly used for granite include but are not limited to:

  • Polished: Mirror gloss, with sharp reflections.
  • Honed: Dull sheen, without reflections.
  • Fine Rubbed: Smooth and free from scratches; no sheen.
  • Rubbed: Plain surface with occasional slight “trails” or scratches.
  • Shot Ground: Plain surface with pronounced circular markings or “trails” having no regular pattern.
  • Thermal (Flamed): Finish produced by application of high-temperature flame to the surface. Large surfaces may have shadow lines caused by overlapping of the torch. This finish will vary in texture and depth between different types of granite, as the finish is largely dependent upon the granite structure of the stone.
  • Sandblasted, Coarse Stippled: Coarse plain surface produced by blasting with an abrasive; coarseness varies with type of preparatory finish and grain structure of the granite.
  • Sandblasted, Fine Stippled: Plain surface, slightly pebbled, with occasional slight “trails” or scratches.
  • Bush-hammered, 8-cut: Fine bush-hammered finish, interrupted by parallel markings that are not over 3/32″ apart. A corrugated finish is smoother near arris lines and on small surfaces.
  • Bush-hammered, 6-cut: Medium bush-hammered finish, similar to but coarser than 8-cut, with markings not more than 1/8″ apart.
  • Bush-hammered, 4-cut: Coarse bush-hammered finish with same characteristics as 6-cut, but with markings not more than 7/32″ apart.
  • Sawn: Relatively plain surface with texture ranging from wire sawn (a close approximation of a rubbed finish), to shot sawn, with scorings 3/32″ in depth. Gang saws produce parallel scorings; rotary or circular saws make circular scorings. Shot sawn surfaces should be cleaned to remove all rust stains.
  • Split Faced: Stone on which the face has been broken to an approximate plane.
  • Rock (pitch) Faced: Similar to split faced, except that the face of the stone is pitched to a given line and plane producing a bold appearance rather than the comparatively straight face obtained in split face.
  • Jet Washed: After certain treatment finishes on stone, such as flaming, a high pressure jet wash can be used to assist in cleaning the stone and bringing back more color to the stone. Some producers have the machinery to use high pressure water with additives which gives a jet washed finish that looks like a flamed finish, yet maintains the color in the stone.
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