Cleaning and Protecting Quartz


Cleaning and Protecting Quartz

Quartz is a beautiful stone that comes in a wide selection of colors and designs that make it a great option for kitchen countertops.  It’s clean, uniform look will provide a modern and sleek element to your remodel.  If you are interested in having a quartz kitchen countertop, it is important to be knowledgeable about cleaning and protecting Quartz both during and after the installation process.

Most quartz that is sold for kitchen countertops is manufactured from 90% natural stone about 7-10% resin. The resin acts as a binder for the stone, protecting it  and making it much stronger in the process.  But, while quartz countertops are typically manufactured, it is important to remember that the majority of the material is still natural stone.  And as with any natural stone, the importance of sealing and protecting from damage is a vital aspect of the installation process.

Cleaning and protecting quartz


How to Clean and Protect Quartz During Installation:

Quartz-based stone installation in progress should be protected with film, fabric tarps, and wood for exposed edge protection secured over the work.  After completing various portions of work, all mortar stains, grease marks, and dirt should be removed by washing with a good grade of nonabrasive detergent that has a pH of 7.  After the cleaning detergent is applied, flush and clean with clear water. Floors can be swept, damp-mopped, or hosed off with clean water.  Hold your General contractor responsible for the proper protection and care of your stone during installation

How to Clean and Protect Quartz After Installation:

One of the huge benefits of manufactured quartz, is that it is marketed as a stone that does not need to be sealed year after year like it’s counterparts, granite, marble and travertine.  However, refer to your stone dealer on the particular quartz you are purchasing and installing for their recommendations of cleaning and protecting quartz after installation.  Obviously, when dealing with raw quartz in it’s natural state, it is advised to always seal to protect this stone.

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