Classifications of Marble


The 4 Groups of Marble Classification

When you’re considering a stone for a kitchen countertop, learning about the different classification groups of Marble, can aid in the decision.

What is Marble Classification?

Marble’s geological classification is defined as a metamorphic rock predominantly consisting of fine- to coarse-grained, recrystallized calcite. But, what does this mean for you as you’re selecting a stone for your ktichen?  Basically, the texture of the marble has a range from small/uniform crystals to large less consistent crystals.

Marble stone is formed by two main processes; recrystallization and metamorphism. Another, more general definition of marble is any crystallized carbonate rock or certain types of limestone that take a polish finish and can be used as architectural or ornamental stone. It should be noted that marble made by the process of metamorphism makes the marble tighter, denser, and fracture-free.  Marble is classified into four different groups known as the Marble Soundness Classification.

marble vanity tops

Here are the Marble Classification Groups:

Group A: Sound marbles with uniform crystals are favorable for working qualities containing no geological flaws or voids. They do not require any filling or packing.

Group B: Marbles similar in character to Group A, except that all the impurities have not changed into other minerals. They have occasional small holes and voids. However, the holes or voids are filled by the Marble Craftsman with epoxy, shellac, or polyester resin.

Group C: Marbles with some variations in working qualities. This group is prone to have geological flaws, voids, veins, and lines of separation. This is the largest and most colorful group of marbles, and also contains significant holes, voids, lines of separation, and structural flaws.

Group D: These marbles are similar to the previous groups, but also contain a larger proportion of natural faults. They have maximum variations in working qualities. These marbles can fracture more easily due to the additional veins and larger crystals.


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