How To Install Solid Stone Shower Base

Custom Stone Shower Basin FAQs

How Long Does it take to Install my Shower Basin?

From the time we get all of your measurements, we aim to install within 3-4 weeks. A lot of this time is taken up by fabrication (its not easy to make one of these bad boys).  We are able to rush things and get it done in half the time though, but that will involve some late nights, so we charge an extra $200.

For special order stones it will usually add another week to the process, but sometimes it takes quite a bit longer. For example Cambria offers about 120 colors. Their local distributor stocks about 70 of those colors. So if it’s one the 50 not stocked in Denver, that can take a few weeks to bring in.

How do I measure it?

We made an example work order here so that you can see how to measure your shower base. 

Follow this link


How do we get the slope correct?

Each of these is precision milled on our CNC router. The slope is accurate to within 1/64 of an inch. This ensures that your shower evacuates water towards the drain but isn’t too slippery. 

Do the stone basins have any texture for foot grip?

Yes. If you look closely at the shower basins on display you’ll notice some light scalloping as well swirls of texture. These are light enough so that you don’t notice them but enough texture to make sure even those of us with two left feet don’t slip. 

How can I add a curb to my stone basin?

Yes these can be installed curbless or with a curb in your shower. If you want to use a curb, build it up with some 2x4s or 2x3s to the height you desire. Make sure you wrap the curb with the same waterproofing that you used underneath the shower base. Tile the vertical walls of the curb using your same tile. We offer 4″ slabs to be used for walls on the curb or to be used as a cap for the top. 

How much does one of these things weigh?


On average these weigh 12 pounds per square foot. Moving and installing them is usually a 2 person job. 

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